Mummy Chronicles: Bathing Ethan Was A Complete Disaster!

In case you don't know yet, we've recently started vlogging again!

I decided to pull out the camera and my bendy tripod, and make a habit of video-ing my life with Ethan on a weekly basis. I'm doing so because I want to share more with you guys on my life now as a parent, and also to document the little one's progress.

He is five months and one week old now, and gosh.. five months. That is almost half a year gone! How did time fly so fast!

I wouldn't say that I miss those days when he just came back home with us... he freaking screamed bloody murder EVERY DAY for the first three months of his life. Everyone in the family almost died from his lethal screams (no joke here!)

He is a lot more calm and tame these days – AND HE IS SO SMILEY! I love my baby boy's gummy smiles.

I am currently writing my birth story (of Ethan), and soon I'll get down to editing my draft on my first three months of Motherhood – which in my absolute honest opinion was hell on Earth!

In the meantime, watch our vlog here. Enjoy!

Baby products used in the video, mouse over for link of where to purchase:
- PUKU Folding Bath Tub
- Pigeon Baby Foam Shampoo (Floral Fragrance)
- Curél Instant Foaming Body Wash
- Aveeno Baby Dermexa (Eczema Therapy) Moisturising Cream
- Peek-A-Poo Diaper

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