J Studios: Every Urban Millenial Needs This Relaxation Guaranteed Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial

I know what you're thinking. How relaxing can a facial get – what more a chocolate facial? My dear readers, you have absolutely no idea on what is about to strike you and let me warn you this, it is wayyyy better than winning the lottery. There are scientific theories backing the de-stressing factor in this facial, read on to find out more.

J Studios: Therapist Yumi

I have had tons of facials: whitening facials, hydrating facials, ultrasonic facials, laser facials... the list goes on. But never ever had I ever been for an anti-stress facial.

I'm gonna be honest with you and tell you that I was dubious about this facial treatment at first. I mean like, how de-stressing can a facial possibly get? 'Lo and behold, I was in for the best facial ride of my life.

J Studios: Lounging Area

If you read my previous post on their Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial, you'll know how much I love J Studios.

I was meant to work with them on a partnership last year which got postponed due to my pregnancy. Late last year, they opened a new flagship store in Haji Lane and I am in love with the Parisian décor of this new place!

J Studios: Calendula Room

J Studios: Treatment Room

J Studios was also recently named as the Bernard Cassiere Paris Premium Salon in Singapore, and given the exclusive rights to provide our local people with the award-winning Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial Treatment.

Now let's get down to talking about the amazing award-winning Chocolate Anti-Stress facial.


First up, the science behind the physical benefits that it brings.

Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial is made up of quality fair trade chocolate and cocoa butter extract. Chocolate in itself is rich in antioxidants and has anti-free radicals, which helps greatly in repairing one's skin from the harsh damages of free radical. Cocoa butter on the other hand is famous for providing deep nourishment to our skin.

This chocolate facial is targeted at soothing distressed skin that is a result of urban living habits, ie. late nights, booze & school/work stress. It also works to provide us with some much-needed protection against environmental damage, eg. the sun's strong UV rays and air pollution.

I can promise you that Bernard Cassiere Anti-Stress Chocolate Facial is highly beneficial for individuals with stressed, dull and tired skin. I am the perfect example because hey, just look at the before-after photo down below. 'Nuff said!

J Studios: Before-After
Before-After: My complexion looks clearer and brighter. At a touch, my skin is soft and supple, and most definitely rehydrated. Any lines that I had on my face have now been smoothed out and re-inflated.

Months of looking after MiniChew while slogging it out at work, has unfortunately got me looking like at an old and tired hag. I covered it up with makeup when I'm heading out, but once I'm home and the foundation + concealer is gone... exhaustion is written all over my face. J Studios was my salvation, and this chocolate facial was the miracle drug.

This treatment is able to significantly aid in repairing, detoxifying, protecting the skin; while rejuvenating it to a glowing radiance that you, me, we all deserve!


Next, let's talk about feeeelings. We all know the happy effect of chocolate. It is why we all have that friend who is a crazy chocolate lover, or... are you that friend? Lol.

When the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug (yes, chocolate is a drug!) was being smeared onto my face, I felt high. I was hit by this need to just feel happy and to just relax. My body and mind was sorta forced to be happy and to relax in an unusual but not terrible way. I loved it!

J Studios: Chocolate Mask

Chocolate has over 300 naturally-occurring chemicals, and a few of these three hundred chemicals are able to effect the human brain in a positive way. Chocolate is able to help release certain neurotransmitters that are responsible for your emotions and the way that you feel. One neurotransmitter is Phenylethylamine (otherwise known as the "love drug") as it increases pulse rate, excites you, and makes one happy!

Serotonin, which is able to control behaviour and lift moods, is also another neurotransmitter present in chocolate. In addition, our body requires tryptophan (yet, another neurotransmitter) to release the serotonin that our body produces by itself – and tryptophan is also found in chocolate!

There are still two other neurotransmitters, "Anadamide" which activates a receptor that causes dopamine production and dopamine can make one feel "high"; and "Endorphin" which is renown for decreasing stress and pain levels.

All in all, this is why I say that relaxation is a guaranteed affair for this facial mask.

Oh and by the way, this is an edible mask as it is made from quality fair trade chocolate. So when your therapist smears it over your lips (because our lips are also made of skin that require some TLC too), take the opportunity and lick the chocolate. It is akin to eating a dark chocolate fondue, yummy!


Now, let me give you a quick run-down of the treatment process.

J Studios: Massage
Step 1: Welcome Massage

Step One begins with a relaxing welcome massage on our shoulders and neck – something that I desperately needed to ease my sore and strained muscles. You are able to choose a variety of essential oils, like Rose and Lavender, Camomile, Citrus or Jasmine. I went with the Citrus Essential Oil which helped with rejuvenation and revitalisation.

J Studios: Cocoa Scrub
Step 2: Exfoliating with Cocoa Beans Peeling Scrub

Step Two was a deep cleansing exfoliation, using Bernard Cassiere Cocoa Beans Peeling Scrub "Gommage Aux Feves De Cacao". It gets rid of our dead skin which is crucial for heightened absorption of nutrients and vitamins. Individuals with stressed skin, fret not as this is a gentle exfoliation!

Step 3: Facial massage with Beurre De Cacao

Step Three is a facial massage with their Cocoa Butter "Beurre De Cacao". It helps to nourish, moderate oil secretion and tone the face.

Step 4: Fondue Au Chocolat

J Studios: Chocolate Mask

Step Four is the step that I love the most – the award-winning Chocolate Mask "Fondue Au Chocolat". It is protective, has anti-free radicals and anti-oxidants that help to restore glow through cocoa oil. Most importantly, this chocolate is edible so don't forget to give it a quick lick + taste when you've got it on your face!

Step 5: Nectar Au Cocoa

Step Five is the application of Cocoa Nectar "Nectar Au Cocoa". This helps to protect, energise, hydrate and tone our skin.

J Studios: Nectar Au Cocoa
Step 6: Chocolate Nutriprotective Tinted Cream

Step Six, is the final step to round up this facial. Your therapist would apply some Chocolate Nutriprotective Tinted Cream on your now renewed and revitalised face. It is made with cocoa extracts, shea butter and cocoa butter that helps our skin to regain radiance, comfort and a youthful appearance!

This phyto-protective cream is formulated to protect the skin from daily stress, ie. urban pollution, fatigue, insomnia, and to give us an even and natural-tanned complexion.


J Studios: Exfoliation

I can't begin to tell you how much I love this facial. I've been bragging about it to everybody that I see. It's not everyday that you come across a facial that does wonders to your skin and actually makes you feel good!

I was so confused when I had the chocolate mask on because as a mom, my mind is constantly on my baby. Yet I knew that the chocolate mask was having an effect on me as it made me relaxed and took my tensed mood away. It was something that I needed so badly – to just take my thoughts off my little one even if it is just for a mere few minutes.

In addition, I hadn't had a facial for more than six months. My face was dry and clogged with dead skin. I welcomed with open arms, the detoxifying, rejuvenation and hydration effect that the mask could give. After the facial, I felt renewed and yummy (from the dark choco smell, lol).

If you've had a rough week in life and you're having a tough time letting go of your stress, I highly recommend you to give this facial a try. I cannot wait to drag my husband's ass to J studios because he is in desperate need of this chocolate facial to take his work stress away!

J Studios: Chocolate Mask

For more information on Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress facial, click here.

Specially for my dearest readers, quote [ SOPHIECHOC ] when you make your appointment, and enjoy this chocolate facial at $188!
*Usual price at $288! Valid till 15 Apr 2018*

To make an appointment, you can either do it online here or call (+65) 9182 8565.

For other facials and services available at J studios, check out their website. Be the first one to know about their promotions and new treatments through their Instagram and Facebook.

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