Shocking Problems With Your Scalp In Your Early Twenties And How To Treat It

Twenties, it's a defining era in our lives. We are in our final school days awaiting graduation, or settling into our spanking new job. We wear a luscious headful of hair wherever we go, not giving a damn about how many strands of our crowning glory would be left behind in a couple more decades.

Lo and behold, something is happening beneath the surface of your glorious hair and you needn't wait decades to witness a receding hair line. Without early intervention, you'd be losing hair sooner than you can say "thirty". I walked into my scalp check-up appointment brimming with confidence, and walked out horrified with my scalp results. Read on to find out more.

Beijing 101: Scalp Check-Up

A couple of days back, I went for an appointment at Beijing 101 to get my scalp checked out. I have always been confident of my scalp because I shampoo it on a daily basis, and dutifully scrub and massage it during every shower.

Consultant performing the hair drop test to see the extent of my hair loss

Armed with that level of pride, I assumed that my results would turn out as "oh, you have a normal healthy-looking scalp". Obviously enough, things did not turn out that way.

Beijing 101: Oily Scalp
I found out that the crown of my head was suffering from oily scalp

Beijing 101: Dandruff
And I was also suffering from dandruff (fml)

The news was shocking but I was glad to learn about it early. The discovery of this result has placed a significant influence on the quantity and quality of my hair during my coming forties and fifties – call me vain but I wanna have a headful of luscious black hair when I am undergoing my mid-life crisis.

Here is why it is important to seek treatment for scalp problems at an early stage.


There are two components in our hair root responsible for its colour and quantity:
  • Melanocytes: Responsible for giving colour to the hair
  • Follicle Papilla: Contains blood vessels responsible for supplying nutrients to nourish growing hair

For individuals with oily scalp, the excess oil seeps and flows back into the hair root. The grease pools at the bottom of the hair root, causing a blockage of nutrients that were supposed to be transmitted to either (or both) the melanocytes and follicle papilla. The end-result is the melanocytes or follicle papilla failing to receive the required nutrients for sustenance, and your hair either starts to turn white (due to melanocytes dying) or the hair falls out (due to follicle papilla being blocked).

Fortunately scalp issues are treatable and treatment should be sought after as soon as possible. Early intervention helps in the retention and revival of as many working hair follicles as possible, which is directly relational in the prevention of a balding head at a young age.

Beijing 101 @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

At Beijing 101, they have effective treatments tailored to help resolve your problematic scalp.

According to a U.S. study, the Nielsen Survey held in 2016, 90% of the customers who sought treatment at Beijing 101 reported a visible increase in hair growth after their sessions!

Beijing 101: Before treatment
Before treatment: My hair looking bad, flat and limp

I underwent a four-step treatment process during my session, which comprised of:
  1. Puriscalp Mask - A Deep Cleansing Scalp Mask
  2. Herbal Wash
  3. Revitalising Hair Treatment
  4. Meridian Herbal Treatment (MHT) or Hydromax Treatment

Just to clarify, the recommended treatment for step 4 is the >Meridian Herbal Treatment (MHT). However due to personal reasons, the hair care centre switched out my massage for the Hydromax Treatment.

I would highly recommend you to go for the MHT as Beijing 101 is renown for providing excellent massages. Their massages would hit various acu-points that are are beneficial to your scalp and would also improve your overall blood circulation and general health.

Beijing 101: Puriscalp mask
Treatment Process: Puriscalp Mask

The Puriscalp Mask is a herbal scalp mask designed for oily scalps that are clogged with impurities and are covered in sebum for prolonged periods. This scalp mask penetrates into the scalp pores to remove accumulated sebum and prevents the accumulation of impurities.

Beijing 101: Scalp mask pack

It also exhibits detoxifying functions, balancing oil secretion in the scalp, thus allowing healthy hair growth in the long run.

Minerals present in the mask provide nutrition to the hair follicles while expelling toxins at the same time, thus helping the scalp to regain its balance.

Treatment Process: Herbal Wash

Using their specially formulated in-house shampoo, your hair care specialist will do a double wash for you so as to ensure that your scalp is nicely clean and detoxified.

Beijing 101: Protein hair mask
Treatment Process: Revitalising Hair Treatment

Years of chemical dyeing, perming, heating and bleaching have brought a negative impact on my hair.

With this Protein Hair Mask, made out of au naturale ingredients, it revitalises the condition of my hair, smoothens its texture and brings back my hair's shine!

Applying the hair mask

Beijing 101: Hair steaming

Steaming my hair (with the mask on) to bring out the full effects of the hair mask and to re-moisturise my damaged hair.

Beijing 101: Hydromax
Treatment Process: Meridian Herbal Treatment (MHT) or Hydromax Treatment

The level of our hair's health is a result of different important factors. One of the many factors to having healthy hair would be a sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair.

Good blood circulation encourages the scalp to increase hair growth throughout our head, and ironically the top of our scalp is often one of the most difficult place to maintain good blood circulation due to the fact that it is the farthest point upward from our heart.

Therefore the scalp is the most non-stimulated area of the body, and hair follicles can become sluggish, thus resulting in our hair to grow at a slower rate.

The Hydromax Treatment is an oxygen scalp treatment that combines the use of a botanical tonic with oxygen, to give a balanced scalp and healthy hair strands. Each treatment helps to eliminate bacteria from the scalp while replenishing moisture and balance to the scalp and hair, from the root to the ends.

By application of the oxygen to the scalp, the blood is being stimulated with circulation by the administered nutrients and oxygen that are being topically delivered to the scalp.

Thus this treatments promotes accelerated hair growth in the dermis layer of the scalp, reconstructing the damaged hair from the inside by repairing the bonds, restoring resiliency while refreshing the hair cuticle and cortex.

Here are the results after undergoing all the masks and treatments:

Beijing 101 hair before after
After treatment: My headful of luscious crowning glory is back in action!

Beijing 101 before after
A significant difference in my scalp condition after just one session!

I felt really relaxed during my session, probably due to the various lighted candles and use of lavender oil within the treatment room.

Some people would ask, what's the difference between getting a scalp treatment within a hair salon and at Beijing 101? In my opinion, the jarring difference is the smell. I have nothing against hair salons but, I'm pretty sure that some of you have walked past a hair salon and choked at the chemical smell emitting from the salon.

There is none of that sorta (smell) from Beijing 101's Hair Care Centre – and no it doesn't smell of TCM herbs either. The only two times that I had encountered smells within the centre was 1) the lavender oil, 2) the masks used. If I had to describe the scent of the masks, I would say that it is mild and hardly noticeable, with a tinge of floral scent that helped to calm my nerves.

As the treatment went on, I could feel a distinct difference in my hair and scalp – my hair was getting softer and my scalp felt more refreshed. Once my hair got blown dry, damn the effects of the treatment was obvious! I had back a headful of luscious soft and shiny hair.

The only qualm that I have is that it might get boring during the 90mins treatment process where you sit and wait. I would recommend bringing your laptop, a good book or a portable charger so that you wouldn't risk your phone running out of batt halfway through the session!

Other than that, I love the entire process! I wish I could have experienced the Meridian Herbal Treatment which is one of their signature treatment process; their massages have been known to be fab! Easing a couple of knots off my muscles and aiding in better blood circulation really helps to re-energise a person and have you going for the rest of the week – not to mention rocking a wonderful head of hair!

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Find out more about how YOUR hair and scalp is, and do it fast because early intervention is the key to minimising hair loss at an early age! You really wouldn't know until you have been checked! Book an appointment at your nearest Beijing 101 outlet, call (+65) 6558 8101 or email

Beijing 101 outlets in Singapore:
  • Causeway Point #05-02A
  • Century Square #04-08
  • Jcube #B1-05
  • Junction 8 #B1-07A
  • Nex @ Serangoon Central #04-08
  • Hougang Mall #05-15 to 19
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza #01-129

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