5 ways to survive studying for exams

Let's all admit it.


(Whoever that decides to be a saint and has a second opinion about this, fuck off no one cares about your shit)

I am in the midst of preparing my final exams and I would be lying if I said that it aren't a pain in my ass.

Exams are like a pressure cooker. They cook you alive... slowly

Not in Singapore man...

So here is a short guide to how you can cope with the pressure and come out of the 'cooking' alive:

1. Instant noodles will be your best friend

You can't deny that they make the best supper that your tongue, your stomach and your brain will thank you for.

2. Find YOUR song(s)

Working alone in the night is too quiet and a tad eerie for you?

Fret not, just pop on your earphones (because you are a considerate neighbour, RIGHT?) and play that music that will bring you right into your little safe space (aka your comfort zone).

Shake your booty if you want to, but just remember to close the curtains because the last thing you want is your neighbours remembering you for your butt-twerking moments.

3. Get a study buddy

Well to me, a study buddy is not someone who studies with you.

But rather, someone to bitch with you about how this exam is so dreadful, preparing for this exam is such a waste of time, you'd rather be sleeping/partying/watching TV (does anyone even still watch shows from their TV?) or YouTube videos or that show you just torrent(ed).

Someone to inject humor in these cold boring nights.

Company helps. Always.


Ha, you didn't think I would forget this did you? This is every student's essential exam survival tool!

If you aren't a coffee person like me, some substitutes would be coke (if you prefer a cold beverage) or a cup of hot green tea (ahhh..)

5. S-T-R-E-T-C-H

Get up from your seat. Stand up tall and do some simple stretches (even a lazy stretch counts). You'll find yourself a whole lot more relaxed, centered and ready to get back with the dumbass studying (remind me again, why do we have exams?)

Good luck!

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