360Xperience (Part II): Akai Fune Japanese Restaurant


Disclaimer: This review is produced in collaboration with Akai Fune Japanese Restaurant FOR Akai Fune Japanese Restaurant and 360Xperience.

Akai Fune Japanese Restaurant
1 Expo Drive, Singapore Expo
#01-31 (Outside Hall 3)
Singapore 486150
Website: http://akaifune.com.sg
Reservation Hotline: (+65)9380 0437

Akai Fune Japanese Restaurant took their first step in the F&B industry earlier this year, with the intention of making their mark through the sales of their signature Japanese Ramen and Shabu Shabu Japanese steamboat (only available via reservation).

I was invited to try their Shabu Shabu Japanese steamboat, which I shall once again re-emphasise, requires RESERVATION!!!

So please do not turn up at their restaurant asking for it and expecting it to materialise before your eyes because that aren't happening yo!

Interior design

A little more about Akai Fune before I dwell into the food bits (and cause you to salivate profusely)...

Akai Fune means "red boat" in Japanese. In ancient Japan, the first thing that is seen coming to the shore each morning with the freshest products from the ocean is this red boat.

Hence with that, it became the reason behind the naming of their restaurant as the owners strive to provide the freshest and highest quality food to their customers. Their products are flown in from Japan twice a week!

Other than being a restaurant, Akai Fune is working towards serving its customers as a cafe and also an Izayaki (ie. a casual japanese drinking place that provides after-work drinking).

Akai Fune aims to provide their diners with an opportunity to relax after a long day of work and to enjoy their meal in peace and comfort, hence they chose the concept of serving their customers in a "fun" and "casual" atmosphere.

Ok enough of background story, time for some food. *rubs hands gleefully*


But first... let's decide on our drinks. LOL #whoops

Iced Chocolate ($5.90)

I was recommended by the lady boss to try out their Iced Chocolate and Passion Fruit Soda.

The Iced Chocolate is indeed good because it wasn't too milky nor too sweet and the chocolate taste was just right! I really like their Iced Chocolate and I would give it a rating of 6-7/10?

However I would not recommend having this drink with the steamboat because it is too filling and you really would want the extra stomach space for all the hot steaming food!

Passion Fruit Soda ($4.90)

Passion Fruit Soda... I love love love! The weather was so hot that day and I was so glad when this drink was placed before me. It was a life-saver!!!

This is a drink that you could order to go with your steamboat because it is indeed refreshing and the balance between sweet and sour is just fine! But be warned that it is after all a soda, hence it has carbonated water which makes it rather gassy. #FYI

And finally.. Introducing the Shabu Shabu (Lobster Set) Package

Like what I mentioned earlier on, the purpose of my visit to Akai Fune was to write a review and to help promote one of their signature dishes (ie. this Shabu Shabu Japanese steamboat).

A bit more information about their Shabu Shabu steamboat: There are two packages available for your choosing.

1) Lobster Set (indulge in SEAFOOD with no care nor concern for your cholesterol level lol)
2) Wagyu set (indulge in PREMIUM MEAT without any thought about your calorie intake for the day)

*I'm just kidding!! Liven up people! And yes as an Allied Healthcare Professional, it is my duty to constantly remind you of the need to live a healthy lifestyle! (Which includes pigging out on food every once in awhile for the sake of your mental wellbeing!)

Therefore you SHOULD read my blog to find out where are the other cool food places that you can go to for awesome food and an even awesome-r new waistline! *high-five*

Both packages are priced at $79.90 and it is state to be for 1-2 pax.

Do NOT be alarmed at the price yet! Got discount!! Wait for it! I'll talk about it at the end of the entry! For now, just enjoy the food pics and salivate with ease! LOL!!!

Oh and, honestly speaking... that amount of food for ONE package... It is enough to feed like 3-4 PAX?!!?!?!?!?!!

Therefore if you wish to optimise the amount of food consumed and spare a thought for the animals that died to provide you with this sumptuous meal (this is what you get for being an omnivore/carnivore), do huddle up your friends and make a reservation!!!

Dual soup choice - Tonkotsu and Kimchi

You will get to choose two types of soup base from the variety available. There is:
  • Tonkotsu (Pork soup) **RECOMMENDED
  • Sukiyaki (Japanese sweet soup) **RECOMMENDED
  • Kombu (Seaweed soup )
  • Kimchi (Korean spicy soup)
  • Miso (Japanese miso soup)

My soup base combination was chosen for me and I am incredibly satisfied with the recommendations by the lady boss.

I'm usually not a fan of spicy soups but damn, THE KIMCHI SOUP BASE WAS SUPER AWESOME!!!! It goes really really well with the Shabu Shabu stuff! *spam hearts*


I am dead serious when I say that this is NOT just for 1-2 pax!!!

You gotta be a cow (because a cow has 4 stomachs) in order to finish this!

Hell I don't even think 2 cows can finish this.

Then again, why would cows even eat this?! They are herbivores and they certainly are not cannibals!! LOL!!! #crackinglamejokes

So what's in your Shabu Shabu package?

I had the Lobster Set so... this is what my set comprised of:

20 ingredients in total!!!! (Yes I counted lol)

  • Lobster
  • Hotate scallop
  • Crabstick
  • Fishball
  • Squid
  • Salmon
  • Pork belly
  • Beef striploin
  • Special chicken slice
  • Special tsukune (chicken) meat
  • Xiao Bai Cai
  • Kang Kong
  • Enoki mushrooms
  • Shitake mushrooms
  • Carrot
  • Eggs
  • Hotdog
  • Toufu
  • Noodles
  • White fragrant rice


Look at that juicy succulent lobster flesh! *smacks lips*

Hotate scallop

Pork belly

Beef striploin

Special chicken slice (garnished with sesame seed and spring onion)

Special tsukune meat

For you folks out there...

I made an effort to figure what the hell Tsukune means so here is what Wikipedia (the most unreliable albeit easiest source for information in the world) told me:

"Tsukune refers to a type of fish meatball which is added to hot soup. It is also enjoyed as 'Tsukune Nabe', a Japanese steamboat dish with local varieties found in regions of Japan."

So tadah! Now you know what you will be ingesting into your digestive system, and I knew what I ingested into my digestive system! LOL #grammarpun


The remaining miscellaneous ingredients...
Which includes your daily dose of fibre (ie. vegetables), other proteins and carbohydrates

And needless to say, every Asian's staple — white fragrant rice


Soup + cooked food

TRY KIMCHI SOUP!!! Kimchi soup is awesome!

Sauces to go with all the meats

Interior of the restaurant

In hindsight, Akai Fune Japanese Restaurant is a brilliant place for a social gathering of two or more and the Shabu Shabu Japanese steamboat would serve as a perfect dish to order and create bonds over.

Akai Fune Japanese Restaurant
1 Expo Drive, Singapore Expo
#01-31 (Outside Hall 3)
Singapore 486150
Website: http://akaifune.com.sg
Reservation Hotline: (+65)9380 0437


As mentioned previously, this entry has been written for both Akai Fune Japanese Restaurant and 360Xperience (read my previous entry for 360Xperience here!).

Akai Fune Japanese Restaurant is one of the merchants working with 360Xperience!

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