Putting my ears to use

Remember how I mentioned how lucky I was to get the clinical placement of my dreams and how I liked it a lot?

My feelings haven't changed, in fact they have been doubled.

Today has been a fulfilling day. Any line of work in the medical field is never easy, especially if you are dealing with the mental state of a patient. It's a battle that occurs in the dark.

Today I had a client who sat with me for over an hour, sharing with me her thoughts, her life story, her longing and her woes. She reminded me of my grandmothers.

She reminded me of how little time I spent with them these days, and that I can't even remember the last time that I bought food for them. My grandparents like it when I buy food for them — any food bought by me tastes awesome, even if they were bought from just any ordinary stall in a coffee shop. To my grandparents, that food is the best that they have ever tasted (as told by them to me).

Of course I wondered if they were pulling my leg when they said it. But what made me believe what they said was their facial expression when they mentioned about that particular food I once bought for them, how great it tasted and they asked if I could buy it for them again.

All of a sudden I miss my grandparents, and I realise how I have been so absorbed by myself and my life that I hadn't really spared a thought for these people who watched me grow up and who never once forgot my birthday.

All that any elderly would want is some attention and some companion. An hour of your time will do. It makes a difference. 

Do something with them — sing songs, talk, cook, plant a few pots of plants with them.

I know it's easier said than done, because I'm feeling the difficulty too. But if I can't do it with my own grandparents, how can I do it with the other elderly that I am dealing with on a daily basis?

Today I felt useful because my ears served its purpose. Tomorrow, I will strive to put my ears into action again.

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