My 21st: Part III

While I was editing my Taiwan trip photos, I realised that I have yet to upload photos for my 3rd day of celebration for my 21st birthday!! So here is the last, but not the least part!

Rod brought me to Cat Café (Neko no Niwa) on the last day of the year (2013)!

54A Boat Quay
Singapore 049843
Contact no.: 65365319 (reservations recommended!!)

Cat Café is the first of its kind in Singapore. I heard that there is another one coming up soon...?

Neko No Niwa means 'Cat Garden' in Japanese.

There are currently 13 cats in this Cat Café! Unfortunately.. I can't remember the names of all the 13 cats because I went such a long time ago!!! BUT!!! You can find out some of their names from their facebook page (Click 'here')

All the cats that you'll see at Neko No Niwa are adopted cats!

Ok I am incredibly lazy to write captions from here on. Just gonna keep all the captions damn short and unless necessary. Returning the limelight back to the meow-meows.

The place where you interact with the cats is also where you will have your tea or food (if you ordered any).

The kitchen and the dining area is separated by a piece of glass. So the staff can see what is going on inside and you can also see what's going on outside too. You'll get your food/drink through a small window in the glass.
Ordered a cup of tea while I was there. It's.. okay. Nothing special to it.

Other than the cats who kept me company! :D

Sigh.. This pic makes me wanna give it a little rub on his head. So cute.
Sad me because none of the kitties wanted to come near me :( So much for being lap cats.

They said that the cats would jump on your lap and curl up to take a quick snooze or just to get some pats.. but none jumped on my lap!!! In fact, I think they liked Rod more than me.

I say that because he didn't even make the effort to go near them and they just kept going near him.. but I kept going near them and yet they kept shunning me away. Super sad. Bias kitties :(

So anyway... here is me, aiming for a kitty! Ha! I saw you!!

Ha! Gotcha!!

I kept houndering this kitty after that.. What?! I gave its fur a nice brush!

See!!! I brushed its fur so nicely that it became all shiny and neat!
We now have a kitty who is proud of his well-brushed fur!
(I think it's a he???)

Rat: "Hey there friend! What you doing?"

Rat: "Hello??"

Rat: "Hello.....?????"

Rat: "Hmm.. No reponse... I'll check back on you again later."

Rat: "Hi friend! I'm back!!"

Rat: "Friend? Hello??"

Rat: "Gee! You sleep a lot! Let's see if I can wake you up..."

Rat: "Friend! I brought you more friends!! Wake up!!"

Rat: "Hey!! Wake up!!!!"

Rat: "Hellooooo.. Sleepyhead! My friends are already on you!! Wake up!!!"

Cat: ".. zzz.."

Rat: "This is not going to work is it? Sigh.. I give up."

Souvenirs for sale!!
How the cafe looks like upon entering the place

Okay!! Finally done with all the photos taken for my 21st birthday!

This is my second long entry in a row. I hope all the cute kitty photos will make up for the lack of interesting blog entries these days.

I really miss writing interesting blog posts too.. Boring blog posts = boring life for the moment.

Need to hang in there because my attachment will soon be over in another 3 more weeks and I need to cherish every moment while it lasts. Till now, this is the only clinical placement which I know I will miss.

Ok need to catch some sleep so that I can wake up early tomorrow to continue working on my stupid presentation slides which will be presented next Thursday! :(

Wish me luck xo

Soph <3

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