Ramen Champion (Singapore Changi Airport)

Who can possibly say "no" to Japanese food?

The Japanese have offered the world with some of the most unique cuisines ever. From their bite-sized pieces of sushi to their QQ (meaning: chewy) Ramen. Yum!

Today I will be introducing Ramen Champion. An eatery in Singapore has been here for a couple of years now.

I first heard of Ramen Champion from a close friend who has a major fetish for anything Jap. She told me that every Sunday before goes for her Japanese class, she would go to Ramen Champion with her friend and have an awesome bowl of Ramen for lunch. (Note: EVERY SUNDAY! Isn't that crazy or what?!)

Ever since I heard her bragging about how good the Ramen there is, I have been wanting to go there and try it out. So after waiting for 2 YEARS (yes, it's that long!), I finally went and oh my gosh, awesome Ramen indeed!

So before I flood you with a bunch of pictures and put the salivary glands in your mouth into action, let me share with you some background story on Ramen Champion:

Ramen Champion is an eatery that came into Singapore back in 2010. As much as it is an eatery, it is also a competition where some of the best Ramen chef from all over Japan, fly into Singapore to compete and discover who is the best Ramen chef according to Singapore.

There are 2 Ramen Champion outlets in Singapore, one at Bugis+ (level 4) and the other at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 (level B2) (where I had my first bowl of Ramen Champion!)

So enough of the yadah yadah grandmother tales. It's onto the food now!!

I really have to thank my cousin for this opportunity to have Ramen Champion, because if I wasn't sending him off to the airport for his month-long tour around the Caribbean islands, Europe and then USA (yes IKR, lucky fella! So jelly of him!) I wouldn't have had to have this chance of having my first bowl of Ramen Champion!


I hadn't had my dinner yet then and was trying to decide on a place to eat and then BAM, I saw Ramen Champion on the directory and my mind was set!

Food ordered. Waiting for buzzer to buzz.

In case you're wondering why there are 3 buzzers instead of 2, one of them is Rod's..

So first up!

Cha Shu (meaning: stewed pork) salad from "Ramen Riki"

The chefs were seriously generous with their portion of Cha Shu, and Lexy said that this tasted pretty good! It's a good choice if you aren't famished and just want a little snack to satisfy that urge of eating something! (which is something that I experience a lot.. *coughs*)

Miso Cha Shu Ramen with a dollop of yummy butter from "Gantetsu"!

Extremely sinful because of the dollop of butter, but it's omg so good when melted into the steaming hot miso soup! SLUUURRRP!!!

Tonkotsu (pork) ramen from "Ikkousha"

This soup was GREAT!!! And the noodles were extremely tasty!

However, the portion of noodles were rather little (for noodle lovers, you might wanna ask to add more noodles!) and because the soup base is cooked out of pork, hence the taste may be a little too strong for some... (try the other soup bases available such as miso or shoyu!)

Gyoza(s) from "Ikkousha"

This isn't one of the Gyozas that I would recommend people to try.

The filling was made of vegetables, so yay because veggies are good for us!

The down side? Very little filling and it wasn't quite that tasty. You know something is good when after taking the first bite, you wanna take a second and then a third. These Gyozas lacked that alluring factor so it's a X from me.


AND'S THAT ALL THAT I'VE TRIED... for now, that is.

FYI: Singapore isn't the only country with Ramen Champion! They have franchise in their own home-country, Japan and in Hong Kong too! The Ramen there might taste different (I'm just guessing!) so go try it out if you have a chance to!

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