My past handiwork

I got tired of studying and taking naps so here I am doing something that I love - blogging!

I honestly cannot wait to get my life as a student over and done with. If you give me a chance now to take a 6 months break and be a full-time tutor again, trust me when I say that I will jump at that opportunity. Those days were stress-free and hence I could be carefree (hey it rhymes!)

I was looking through my old blog archives (specifically year 2011) and that was when I discovered another past-time which I used to have.. I say, "used to" because there was a period of time when I was really into picture quotes and it went to the extent that I started creating my own picture quotes. I stopped because my photoshop trial version expired (no money to buy the full version back then) and I couldn't find anymore trial ones to download. Now, I do have the full version but meh.. too lazy to create them. Perhaps one day when I am back in that relaxation mode (like back in 2011), I will start creating picture quotes again.

Here are a few examples of what I created:

I did this for Rod on our 9th monthsary. We have this thing whereby I will make him a note on a certain day of every month

I did this *points to the picture quote directly above* for a friend, only because I was watching her at her attempt in making a picture quote and I was literally dying as I saw her do it! It was so bad :/ (If you think what I did is bad, then I have no idea what you will think of hers.. SORRY TO SAY THIS ROO!)

Most of what you see here was done in either 2010 or 2011. It was in a way, a therapeutic activity for me. I was going through some rough times and creating these picture quotes helped me to express and relieve my emotions. I suppose, one of the reasons as to why I stopped making them was because I have already recovered from those painful days and no longer saw a need to be engaged in this activity from a therapeutic point of view. Hmm.. I guess art really does help to soothe and heal the soul. Yay to #art!

I must admit that I do find a teeny part of me wanting to participate in this activity again as it does help me to relax and gain a sense of accomplishment as I look at the final product. Most of the pictures that you see here are photos that I took over the years and they looked plain on their own, but when decorated with words, the image jumps to life and has a whole new meaning to it. #thepowerofwords

In hindsight, re-engagement of an activity of interest equates to higher quality of life. However, re-engagement of activity of interest equates to consumption of more time when there is already a lack of time available, henceforth it were only result in a poorer quality of life.


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