In Soph's Week!

In the past, I would always upload and blog about the pictures that I have taken in the day once I reached home at night. Or at least I would upload it in the next 2-3 days. But ever since school started again for in 2012, the whole blogging thing went on a downward spiral for me.

So, as a means to re-participate in hobby that is meaningful to me, I started to bring my camera out daily and it helped! I am taking more pics already!! I am currently using a Panasonic LUMIX as my CANON IXUS is now spoilt after serving me diligently for 5 years. No worries CANON IXUS, I'm gonna get you fixed! *pinky promise*

This post is a little late. I should have gotten it done during the weekends but umm.. I was preoccupied with some other stuff (eg. lazing around, watching shows & etc)

ANYWAY, it's finally up now so that counts, right?

Adeline bought a pooh bear as a birthday present for her friend, and well.. anything that is adorable has to be camho-ed with, yes?

POOH: "YES!!!!"

Pooh (and its puppeteer, Adeline) started making its way around the class and first stop: MILLICENT

And I never thought I would ever see this side of Milly... (._.) LOL

Next stop: JESS

BAT LOL (Dora doesn't like pooh?)

POOH:"What you doing, Fran??"

Beryl's unglam moments while Pooh continues being adorbs.

And that rounds up Pooh's adventure around the class. However it does not imply that I was done taking photos yet!!!

'Dora' being as adorable as always!
(FYI Bat's nickname in class is "Dora" because she carries a huge blue bag just like Dora the Explorer and well.. she does resemble Dora to a certain extent! :P)

A pic with my homie (:

Two with Beryl!


Homie wore a pretty dress that day and so she deserves a photo! #justforkeepssake

Ate Macs with le Clique last week, and incidentally, homie and I came up with a new awesome way to eat fries! #gottasharethis

1. Throw the fries into a paper bag.
2. Add a full pack of Citrus Thai Shaker Fries powder.
3. Grab the neck of the paperbag, squeeze it tight and then shake like you're shaking the cha-cha musical instrument.

A set of maracas (ie. the cha-cha instrument)

4. When you think you've done enough shaking (estimate please!), open the bag and pick out a fry.
5. Oh, I forgot to say this earlier on: prepare beforehand a saucer filled with chilli sauce topped with a full pack of pepper and also, get a pack of curry sauce!
6. Dip one end of the fry into the chilli-pepper sauce combi, and dip the other end into the curry sauce
7. Pop the whole fry into your mouth and enjoy a series of flavours exploding in your mouth! It's damn shiok!

Macs with le Clique


Had Aston's with Rod for dinner on one of the weekdays last week


2 Handy Road
The Cathay Building #04-03/04
Singapore 229233

Tel: 6887 5889

Operating Hours: Open Daily
11.30am - 10pm (Sun - Thurs)
11.30am - 11pm (Fri, Sat & Eve of PH)

The latest promotion is for Root Beer Float, and so we tried it. It was pretty good!

I can still remember the first time I tasted a Root Beer Float.. I bet it's the same place where most of you must have had your first Root Beer Float as well!

A & W!!!! Oh, so nostalgic.

Cream of Mushroom soup.
It's my standard order for appetiser if the restaurant serves it.

My grilled chicken with black pepper sauce, with baked potato and garden veggies as my side dishes

Rod's double-up chicken (teriyaki sauce & hickory BBQ sauce), with house salad and baked beans as his side dishes

After dinner, we decided to go watch 'Epic'. A great movie to catch and definitely one that you should go watch ASAP if you haven't yet!

Some scenes of the movie:

And to end this series of pics of the movie scenes, here's a funny gif for ya:

I'll leave you to go find out what the joke is all about


So anyway, here is my favourite find of the week (other than the chilli-pepper-curry-citrus-thai (short form: CPCCT) fries!

Fruit by the FOOT

I guess what they meant by FOOT is that the candy is a foot-long.

What it looks like inside after I unwrap the green packaging

How the candy looks like.

The white thingy is actually some sort of special paper. It kinda feels like baking paper?

So that's all I have for you for last week! More photos coming up for this week! YAY! \o/

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