In Soph's Week!

So here is the weekly summary for this week!

On Monday, I went to have lunch with Rod at an eatery near his workplace. After lunch, he went back to work (duh, if not?!) while I decided to stroll around Plaza Singapura and have some quality "me" time.

Quality "me" time equates to:
- Strolling leisurely around a huge shopping mall ON MY OWN
- Buying whatever I want because there is no one to say "No! You can't/shouldn't buy this!"
- Entering whichever store that I wanted to take a look at just because I can and that, I don't have to ask if my shopping buddy is interested in looking at the store too or he/she would mind if I take a look at what's inside the store BECAUSE I HAD NO SHOPPING BUDDY!

Ok, so that didn't turn out sounding quite the right way but you get what I mean! #benefitsofshoppingwithoutashoppingbuddy #whatalonghashtag

I walked around Plaza Sing for about an hour and a half before I decided to find somewhere to rest my feet. I guess I could have continued walking around the shopping mall, just that I was lugging a huge Daiso plastic bag around.

I chose to rest my feet at Fruit Paradise!

Koped this photo off google! Photo credits goes to whomever it may belong to!

I ordered my usual/favourite slice of fruit.. Mixed fruit tart.

I love how they managed to incorporate so many kinds of fruit into a single tart and the taste is a perfect blend! Especially the odd kick from that small slice of grapefruit, it makes the whole combi extraordinary! Love love love!

I love my fruit tart! Nom nom!

I ordered a set, which comprised of a slice of fruit tart and a premium blend coffee/tea of my choice.

I picked the Peach Nectar tea which was non-caffeine.

It had an alluring peach aroma, and the tea blend was just right. Not too strong that it'll make me nauseating, and not too light either such that I'll feel like I'm drinking plain water.

My nails for the week. #floraldoodles

The whole set.

Around 4.30pm, I was joined by my friends, Chuck-E & Vinlee. We waited together for Rod to knock-off work and had Astons for dinner (yes, again!!)

We had time to spare after dinner so we headed over to Playnation @ *Scape.

For the first time ever, I tried "Dance Central".

Rod looks gay here HAHA! *Oops!*

Usually my pick of games for Wii or Xbox would be "Raving rabbids", "Mario Kart", "Guitar Hero", "Band Hero", or any first-person shooter games like "Halo" (got introduced to this game by my male cousins) or "Call Of Duty" (got 'forced' by Rod to TRY this game because I was his only khaki to play with when we went to Playnation on our own during our previous trips).

FYI I don't suck at first-person shooting games, but I'm not brilliant at it either. It still takes me forever to aim at a particular target. My years of playing shooting games have failed me :(


In the same week, I also went to Adventure Cove Waterpark @ RWS.

I didn't manage to catch all the rides, but I got most of them.

Which rides did I love the most? I would say Riptide Rocket (according to the official website, it is SEA's first hydro-magnetic coaster!) because it was really cool and exhilarating! The float FLEW!!! Super awesome ride!

I also liked Whirlpool Washout, just because Rod and I came down the slide BACKWARDS. No, it aren't suppose to be like that but somehow it did.

Basically, our float got stuck. (refer to the pics below for further illustrations)

Our float overshot the point where we were suppose to turn in and make an exit down HEAD-FIRST, and then with the water current going on below the float, it dragged the float to go down the slide backwards.

My sister and her boyfriend were shocked when they saw us coming down backwards. Even the lifeguard who was in-charge of catching the floats at the end of slide was shocked too and chuckled at us!

It was an understatement to say that Rod and I were screaming our heads off when our float started going down backwards. Nonetheless, if you give me a chance to do it again, I will still go ahead with it! How many people would get such a chance to go down a water ride backwards huh? LOL

I had a photoshoot session with Shin as well in the week. It's for a project that both of us are working on! More details coming up... SOON!

Anyway, she is an amazing photographer.


Top: FRÜH Inara Spike cape top (Mint) from RiotLoco
(carnation still in stock)


Top: Scarf Print Shirt from Saturday Club


Accessories: Checkmate Necklace from Badangdangs
Outerwear: Denim Vest from Wholesale Kingdom
Dress: Mirage Baroque White Dress from The Blush Inc

And that's all that I have for you this week!

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