And that's how I know he loves me

It was near noon-time when Ally had finally decided to crawl out from her warm and snug bed.

She wandered around her house aimlessly even though a tiny reminder was ringing from the back of her head, reminding her that her first paper was less than 5 days away and she should be frantically studying away right at that moment.

She went back to her room and picked up her cellphone, and tapped away at its touch-screen keyboard.

"I don't suppose there is any possibility that you could take a half-day leave now and come find me, can you?"

Ally kept her fingers crossed. She could hear the little angel in her head rapping away: Why did you ask him to take the leave? What do you want him for? What is he going to do here? For what reason is he coming here? Are you out of your mind???

Yes, Ally was probably out of her mind. She had no plans nor an answer to any of those questions. She just wanted him. So, did it meant that he might just sit in her room and have nothing to do? Hmm.. Yes.. That possibility stands. Nonetheless, she wanted him.

She wanted a hug, from him.

Her phone beeped.

"Erm. I can't find you now. In the middle of my lunch. But I've taken the day off :) I'll see you soon ya"

Ally stared at the screen in amazement.

He actually agreed to come!

Ally felt this surge of motion rushing through her, it made her head light and a little dizzy! She felt a smile spreading through her face, one which she could not suppress.

And there was her little angel taunting her in the background.. He's coming, he's coming, he's coming, he's coming, he's coming~

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