Irritation for blogger.

My brains are rotting.


Honestly, I've got no idea if the problem lies with my internet explorer or blogger or some other shitty ass problem.
But its just so ***damn irritating.
And this problem appears to be only happening with my desktop, which means that its bad x2!
I'm so lazy to pull out my laptop just to blog, and all my pictures are in the desktop.
Ah... screw technology lah! Then again, technology is like everything in this world now.
People once thought that pigs flying was a out-of-your-mind kinda thing.
But then, pigs really can fly!! Thanks to the invention of aeroplanes.
That's how you get the airpork that you people are eating now. Alright, lousy joke. :X
Back to my topic, one day, cars would really fly. Trips to outerspace would be like trips to other countries. Maids would be history as robots would be living with humans.
It would be a whole new world.

P.S. I can't stop scratching my mosquito bite. Urrgh!
Someone, please rid the world of mosquitoes! Then again, if all mosquitoes in the world perish, then the human race would be gone too. Why are all living things on mother earth interdependent?!

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