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there's honestly something wrong with blogger or my internet explorer.
After my sister KINDLY updated IE, blogger has been refusing to cooperate with me.
Everytime I wanna post up pictures, I needa use my lappy.
And all my pictures are in the desktop. Urrgh!
I think I'm going bald from constantly tugging on my hair!

its reflection time. What better way to sort out all your thoughts then to say it all out.
Alright, not all. But, SOME... it helps. In one way or another. I guess.
If you dont understand what I'm talking about, don't worry.
Because many others won't either, and I doubt I would too.
Afterall, they're all my jumbled-up thoughts.
Its easy to tell/ask me to bond you people.
But when it really comes to doing it, oh boy, its one tough matter.
Its not like I ain't making an effort to do what I'm suppose to,
and its not like I'm not trying to bond you guys.
But when it comes to "bonding time", I need a little bit of cooperation?
Its really tiring and sickening when you see people pointing fingers at each other,
pushing the responsibility to others, giving some kind of stupid lame excuse, ignoring my words so that you can escape from doing it, or going WHY ME?
I know that the activities that we are going to do might be silly sometimes, or lame or stupid, or whatever things you call it.
But isn't it easier if all of you just chip in a little, make a little effort, cooperate a little, and we'll get all the work done ASAP?
I'm terrified when these sorta "bonding time" comes along, because those are the times which I really wanna tug all my hair out of my head thanks to all the frustration that is going on around in me.
I can't possibly raise my voice because I don't wanna be nicked as being bossy or stuff like that.
When I speak nicely and politely, its either that I'm being ignored or some people would just insist on their own way and do as they please, and at times, I get both treatments.
And, when I combine both by speaking loudly and politely, I get stares as though I'm a creature from outer-space speaking an alien language.
Actually, I really don't mind being ET (the alien?), so long as I can get you all to cooperate with me and work together?
I really want suggestions, opinions, ideas on what I'm suppose to do. Because I'm really running out of them. Especially when I approach some of you, asking for your opinion, I just get a shrug or the reply: "Aiyah, we're like that one lah...."
It takes two hands to clap, and it takes many more hands, people and effort for our the bonding to take place.
Help me alright, people? I really really believe that we can make it work.
If you have anything that you wanna tell me or whatever, you can come approach me.
I promise I'm not going to bite you or whatever, I'm really nice! It'll just be a friendly talk. I'll get to know what you think and where I should improve on and what I should do next and stuff.
There's more than one method for communication thanks to globalisation.
Choose whichever you deem would be the best fit for you, I'm easy in using any of the ways.
I really really wanna know what are your opinions.

(I'm not pointing/blaming anyone. Its just a friendly talk between me and you.)
I've got a few more thoughts that I wanna sort out, but for now..
I'll just hold them within myself first.
It's late, I've still got work to do. Bye.

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