my white rose (:

my best birthday present ever....

he came to my house to fetch me for our date.
he pulled out a red birthday bear and a crystal clear container.

he told me that he bought the red birthday bear a long time ago.
the time he went to malaysia.
that was.. months ago!
the expression on my face read: shocked!
i had never expected him to begin planning for my birthday,
ever since then.. so many months ago..
i was near tears already. touched.. by his actions..

next, i took the crystal clear container.
the container was tied with a golden ribbon.
i looked into the container, and i saw.. a white rose

i vividly remember telling him once....

"Honey, I want a white rose for my birthday!"
"Okay! I'll definitely get one for you on your birthday!"
"Hey, I was just joking! You know that neither me nor you can take flowers! We are allergic to them! We'd be sneezing the whole day long!"
"Dont care! Even if we're gonna sneeze the whole day long, I'm still getting you the white rose that you want."

i didnt care much of this conversation that we had afterwards.
i clearly knew that it was impossible for him to touch flowers,
much less.. get me a stalk of white rose.
i assumed that he had forgotten about this conversation,
as i warned him not to get me any flowers.
i had no intention in my mind to sneeze for the whole day!
never did i imagine him to actually think of making one,
for me, out of paper.
i knew that white origami papers were hard to find in the market,
i doubt i've even seen any white origami paper before.
after asking, i got to know that he actually took the initiative,
to find a paper suitable to be folded as a rose,
then he had to cut it into a suitable size & shape.
plus, he had to search how-to on the internet, practice a couple of times..
i couldnt imagine the amount of effort that he had put it,
just to get me that white rose.
i was speechless.

for years, i hadnt had any cakes for my birthday.
neither my family nor i, saw the need to eat cakes for birthday.
but he saw the need for it.
and there we have it,
Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence.

photos taken while FL was away for the bathroom!

have i ever mention that my sister has a knack of taking photos of people during their most unglamorous moments? *grumbles*

my birthday celebration wasnt very elaborate nor was it very extravagant.
plain & simple. but in a certain way, unique.
its the best birthday i've ever had.
even better than the crappy birthday party that i held when i was 11.
im pleased & satisfied. because finally, someone celebrated my birthday with me.

oh of course my family celebrated my birthday for me.
they celebrated it for me, well.. one day after my birthday.
better than nothing, right?

my parents took to me to have a dinner for my birthday,
and let me say this, they took the opportunity,
to invite my sister's boyfriend along as well.
they're probably killing 2 birds with one stone.
during the dinner, i almost plunged my fork,
into my sister's boyfriend's throat. grrr....
he bloody hell should know why.

so, this is the end of my birthday report.
today is also the first day of the new year.
lets all bid goodbye to the year 2008.
& welcome to the new year.. 2009

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