Tian Wei Signature: Singapore Confinement Meal Catering To Keep Up With My Breastfeeding Nutrition

Breastfeeding, is an exhausting task for any mom. It saps out our physical and mental energy. A vast amount of nutrition and calorie is required to produce that highly recommended choice of milk for the wee one.

After my confinement nanny left, I needed to keep up with my nutritional intake while handling the busy & exhausting schedule of caring for a newborn. Tian Wei Signature was my solution to a healthy meal during those tough days. Read on to find out more.

Tian Wei Signature: Stir fried white beehoon

I think I would have died – nah, most definitely would have died – of starvation and exhaustion, if it weren’t for Tian Wei Signature. I hadn’t thought that caring for a newborn would be this... tough.

For the month after my confinement ended, I relied heavily on Tian Wei Signature to settle my meals. I’ll be frank and share with you that on most days (like 99% of them), I am so tired that eating is the last thing on my mind — much less cooking or going downstairs to buy food or even ordering for delivery online.

Tian Wei Signature: Japanese inspired cuisine

My meals with Tian Wei started three days after my confinement, hence for those days I had to source for a solution to my lunch. (In case you’re wondering what about dinner, my husband buys dinner home after work).

On one of the days, I tried to order MacDonald’s – yeh yeh, it is unhealthy but I had cravings – and from the time that I began viewing the menu to the minute I hit “send” for my order... that was one and a half hours later. Why did it take so long? Because my baby woke up crying and demanded attention every FIVE bloody minutes. It was impossible to get a moment of peace to review the menu, make a selection and place my order.

Tian Wei Signature: Steamed Threadfin Fillet With Ginger Broth And Black Fungus

With Tian Wei Signature, I no longer had to fret over my lunch. They would deliver it promptly at 11am everyday, in their thermal bag, which is great because the food is kept warm and ready to be eaten straightaway!

However if you’re busy and can’t have your meal now, just heat it up in your microwave oven later on!

I like the effort that Tian Wei Signature has placed into infusing variety in their meals. In addition, every ingredient used to cook each dish at Tian Wei Signature has gone through much careful thought and deliberation by Chef Eugene. He is cautious in his selection of ingredients and is focused in helping new mummies to boost their milk supply!

I would like to applaud Chef Eugene for his caution as even confinement nannies (um, like my confinement nanny for instance) who have worked for over a decade are unaware of simple ingredients like cabbage, which can reduce milk supply! So to all mummies, please do not take food that is served to you by your confinement nannies for granted, do always check!

Tian Wei Signature: Thermal Bag

From Tian Wei Signature, we see the usual “traditional” confinement meals such as steamed threadfin fish, stir-fry pig kidney and pig trotter cooked in black vinegar.

As I had just mentioned, Chef Eugene takes pride in the ingredients used for every dish. Thus for instance, in the Steamed Threadfin Fillet With Ginger Broth And Black Fungus ... Chef Eugene uses threadfin fish as it is a confinement friendly seafood. Carrots have been incorporated into the dish to help boost milk supply. Ginger juice is opted for over ginger slices as some mummies (me included!) are terrified of the strong ginger taste!

Tian Wei Signature: Braised Pig Trotter In Black Vinegar

They also have fusion meals that are inspired by western and japanese cuisine, such as Goma-Ae Grilled Chicken with white pearl rice or Seared Salmon with Cauliflower Cream paired with quinoa.

The Goma-ae Grilled Chicken served with Spinach is high in calcium and sesame seeds (which are one of the best seeds for boosting milk supply – is added to the dish! Chef Eugene has also included sesame sauce as well so as to give an extra milk supply boost and to add more flavour for new mummies. Accompanied with ginger juice and spinach, the dish is packed to the brim with milk boosting properties!

I also need to give a shout-out to their Salmon with Cauliflower Cream because it is a freaking good dish that you gotta know about! The star of this Mediterranean styled dish, the salmon fillet, is extremely good for new mothers as it contains a high amount of this particular fat known as Docosahexaenoic Acid (in short, DHA). We all know how important DHA is ... I mean c'mon, it is why we eat fish oil for over 6 months of our pregnancy and milk powder advertisements are all about DHA! It helps in the development of our newborn's nervous system and if you're breastfeeding, what goes into you goes into the baby!

Nursing mummies require a tad more Vitamin C now and thus cauliflower and spinach are both added into the dish! Both veggies are packed with vitamins and fibres that is essential for postpartum recovery!

Tian Wei Signature: Seared Salmon With Cauliflower Cream

As for their staples, you will notice that they don't just serve you the atypical white rice. Tian Wei Signature is introducing a variety of staples into their confinement food menu as carbohydrates that are in the form of whole grains are important to keep our body fuelled with healthy calories and extra energy! This extra calorie/energy is essential to us breastfeeding mums as we burn approximately 500 more calories than moms who bottle-feed! Quinoa, barleys and brown rice are the healthier choice of whole grains that provide carbohydrates without the extra calories.

Now let's talk about taste. I'm gonna be completely honest here and tell you that I think it isn't too bad! I have had worst catering food and this is heaven compared to that, PLUS IT HAS NO MSG OK!

The food aren’t too salty, which I appreciated when I suffered from severe postpartum edema swelling in my limbs – I had legs like an elephant for weeks and my fingers were as fat as chipolata sausages! With that said, if you like your meals to be of a stronger flavour profile, just call them up, let them know and they are more than happy to add a pinch or two more of salt and pepper to your meals!

If you hate ginger – like me, haha! – you will be happy to know that they use freshly-grinded ginger juice in their cooking, so as to accommodate mothers like us who detest the taste of ginger. But on the other hand, if you LOVE the taste of ginger and want MORE, just call up the friendly staff at Tian Wei Signature, they will make the necessary edits to your order and inform the kitchen of your desired change. :)

Tian Wei Signature: Black Pepper Chicken

To see their lunch and dinner menu, you can click here.

For more information on their meal package price, check out this list below!

Double Packages (Lunch & Dinner):
  • 7 Days Double = $448
  • 14 Days Double Package = $868
  • 20 Weekdays Double Package = $1228
  • 21 Days Double Package = $1288
  • 28 Days Double Package = $1688

Single Packages (Lunch or Dinner):
  • 14 Days Single Package = $448
  • 28 Days Single Package = $868

Enjoy their Signature Trial Meal for lunch and/or dinner at only $40! This is great for the hesitant folks who need a little convincing and guarantee.

Their Signature Trial Meal includes:
  • 3 fusion dishes,
  • 3 traditional dishes,
  • 1 milky green papaya fish soup,
  • 1 dessert,
  • 2 cups of 2-litres red dates tea

Their delivery timings are from 10AM to 1PM (for lunch), 4PM to 7PM (for dinner). If you aren't home during the delivery hours, their driver will hang/place your food at your preferred place and their friendly customer service officer will drop you a call to notify you.

It happened to me once when I brought baby Ethan for his check-up at his PD, and I forgot to notify them that I wasn't around at home!

It was a pleasant surprise when I got their call, and it felt reassuring to know that my meal was hung nicely at my door and not thrown/taken away just because I wasn't home.

Especially for my mummy readers, quote [SophieTW] to enjoy $148 off the 28-days double package!

Book your meal on their website here in 3 easy steps.
  • Step 1: Visit our website: www.tianweisignature.com, click on “Book now”.
  • Step 2: Select your package plan, fill up any special request you would like to have in your menu plan and your personal details.
  • Step 3: Make payment via credit or debit card.

Once your submission is approved, their friendly customer service officer will drop you a call for verification of your details.

All the best, mummies!

Diaper Review: The New & Improved Pampers Premium Care Diaper

You know that a diaper brand knows their shit (haha, punny) about making nappies, when the local market terms all diapers – regardless of its brand – by the popular diaper brand’s name.

Pampers has been around in Singapore for over 40 years, and the renown diaper brand has recently released their new and improved Premium Care Diaper!

Read on to find out what’s so special about it and how it fared on little Ethan’s bum.

| About Pampers Premium Care Diaper

Pampers Premium Care Diaper

Every day as a new mom, I learn a new thing or two about my baby’s world, and the revolutionary products that are invented to make caregiving for him an easier task.

Diapers ... where should I begin. I stepped into this fascinating world knowing that each brand’s nappy differed from one another — but how different is different? Furthermore the essential question is, how would this difference affect my wee one?

The all-new Pampers Premium Care Diaper offers parents with a nappy that is promised to be more absorbent and softer to touch.

Pampers Premium Care Diaper

It introduces a new technology that locks away wetness evenly, thus preventing the sagging of a wet diaper.

Combined with a net of breathable micro-pores, the Pampers Premium Care Diaper allows our baby to feel cool, fresh and rash-free throughout the day — the little one is so comfortable that you can thriftily use one diaper for a couple of wettings.

Pampers Premium Care Diaper is their most absorbent diaper to date! It can maintain skin dryness for up to 12 hours, absorb 30 times its weight, and pull away runny poo and wetness. It is perhaps the most ideal diaper for a breastfed baby, who can pee up to 6-7 times in a day with 2-3 big runny poop sessions.

| Review

Pampers Premium Care Diaper

Here are two things about Ethan that you need to know:
  1. He’s got a big butt,
  2. He is ultra-sensitive to pee and poo – ie. he hates feeling his own pee and poop.

Because of these problems, we had issues finding a diaper for him that was suitable. It also didn’t help that my baby is really demanding and he knows what he wants. For instance, after he pees, he can’t tolerate the discomfort of wetness on himself. Therefore if a diaper fails to pull away his urine fast enough, he’ll cry the roof down and insist on a diaper change immediately – even if he has only wetted himself ONCE. You can only imagine what a waste of diaper it is, and how quickly we run through a pack of diapers!

Now, about the poop.

I heard from my confinement nanny that in terms of its size, Pampers diapers used to lean on the smaller side when compared with its counterpart brands. However for this new Premium Care Diaper, I can safely say that it is now on the bigger side – or perhaps they have heard the complaints from parents and thus thrown in more material to make the diaper cover a bigger surface area! (Point to note for parents looking to get a bigger sized diaper)

As mentioned earlier, Ethan has a big butt. At 8 weeks old, he currently weighs about 6kg. If a diaper fails to cover his big bum sufficiently, it leaks poop whenever he takes a dump. And the mess... oh gosh, unimaginable. Ethan's shit can go all the way up the back of the diaper thus staining the back of his shirt. Or if you're unlucky enough, it comes out from the side of the diaper which means staining the pants of whoever that is carrying him at the point of his dump – yuck!

What I like about the new Pampers Premium Care Diaper is that it pulls pee away really quickly and a certain amount of his pee is spread throughout his diaper hence ensuring a relative even distribution of weight – minimising sagginess. The Pampers Premium Care Diaper is also really long in length and width, thus providing sufficient protection up to his back and on both of the leg holes. We hadn't experience a poop leak in awhile which is a darn great thing, because baby poop on clothing is so freaking difficult to wash away!

The Premium Care Diaper also has 2x stretchy stretchy tapes, which means that Ethan can wriggle around and kick his legs freely and we needn't worry about the diaper being too tight around his abdominal area. Have I mentioned about the convenient urine indicator which the Pampers Premium Care Diaper has? It turns from yellow to blue – a notification of urine being present. This is a feature in the diaper that his dad loves so very much!

Now here comes the cons about the diaper. As much as there is improvement in the spreadability and I do acknowledge that it is better than the previous diaper brand that I was using (hint: it starts with a D), it isn't good enough to guarantee pee-proof leakage on every occasion of its usage.

Ethan gets a diaper change in approximately every 4 hours. At least once a day, he experiences a pee leak – sometimes it occurs in the day, sometimes in the night. It irritates him and he wakes up screaming his lungs out due to the wet discomfort. Perhaps my baby pees a lot and hence this diaper is unable to hold all of his urine.

I am still in search of the perfect diaper for my wee one!

| Where To Buy

Pampers Premium Care Diaper

Pampers Premium Care Diaper comes in a variety of sizes (from Newborn to XL) to suit your wee one's butt, and with two choices to suit his activity level: tape or pants.

It is now available in all major supermarkets and on Lazada – free shipping for LiveUp members!

Tommee Tippee Review: Sealing Odour Away Effortlessly With Their Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal System

Before Ethan was even born, I was worried about how I was going to handle the stench from his dirty diapers. My obsession of seeking for a solution stemmed from my sister's birth of my niece – I recall how her bedroom had the constant smell of pee and poo. I was desperate to avoid that situation!

Thankfully Tommee Tippee came to my rescue with their innovation invention of the Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal System!

With the Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal System, every dirty nappy is now individually sealed thus locking away all odours at all times. It has made diaper-changing time – and the smell of my room – a whole lot more pleasant! Read on to find out more.

| Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal System

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal System
How it looks from the inside: Dump the dirty diaper in, and seal it away with a simple twist and push!

The innovative Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal System from Tommee Tippee offers an unbeatable odour protection as it individually seals each nappy away in seconds with a twist and turn.

In addition, it also has an anti-bacterial film that kills 99% of germs on contact thus keeping everything more hygienic!

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal System
My trusty Sangenic Nappy Bin can hold up to 28 dirty diapers in one go!

With the size 1 newborn diapers and an average disposal of 8-9 dirty diapers in a day, the bin can last for about 3 days before it needs to be emptied. On the other hand, each refill cassette lasts for approximately a week and a half, until it needs to be swopped out for a new one.

| My Two Cents

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Bin

One of the best things in my baby's nursery, and a must-have that I would recommend to every parent!

You won't believe the astonishing volume of poop that a newborn shits, and the sheer shocking number of diapers that we ran through in the first week of his life – thank goodness for diaper samples.

Because we had so many dirty diapers to deal with, it would have been a pain in the ass if we had to use an ordinary trash bin as his diaper bin. The constant need to clear the full bin is a waste of precious time – time that was used to catch up on some much-needed rest for an exhausted mom who had just given birth, or a dad who does not want to constantly have to deal with poop.

That aside, man... the smell of pee and poo is something that you do not want lingering anywhere in your home. This diaper bin is perfect for sealing away all the nasty smell, keeping our bedroom fresh and clean all the time.

Another benefit of having the sangenic bin is the hygiene that it brings. It is so easy to load in a cassette, dump the dirty diaper in, and seal it with a twist. Use till the bin is full, tie up the dirty diapers, then chug it all down the rubbish chute in one swift swop!

There is no close interaction with the dirty diapers in the bin, thus the germs and bacteria are well-contained. This is very important as you want to prevent your little one from falling ill as a result of germs and bacteria exposure.

As for the bin's aesthetics, I have to sing praises for its sleek and clean design. I am a huge fan of the white theme that the bin has going on, and its minimalistic design which allows the sangenic bin to blend easily into any home/room decor.

It is a brilliant thing to have a bin that does not scream "POOP BIN", because amidst all the craze of having a newborn in the house, I hate having to be constantly reminded that I have a bin of poop sitting in the corner of a room where I sleep.

| Where To Buy

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Bin

You can purchase these Tommee Tippee products from your nearest Guardian Pharmacy, MotherCare, MothersWork, Kiddy Palace or from Lazada.

For a list of other retail outlets or websites selling the products, click here.

LAZADA Online Revolution Sales: Tony Moly X LAZADA Surprise Box

Lazada is back again, with yet another of its surprise box campaign for the year!

The second part of the Lazada Online Revolution: Shop The Universe Sales will be running from 12 - 14 December 2017. This time, I went back to beauty and was sent the Tony Moly X LAZADA box.

Read on to get a sneak peek of the fabulous items in the box!

| What can you expect from this Lazada sales?
  • Selected items will be sold UP TO 90% OFF
  • More than 110 FLASH DEALS
  • Branded Surprise Boxes sold at $29 (with items worth more than $100)

As like the previous rounds, each surprise box is priced at $29 and will contain a number of items that will total up to be worth $100!

Lazada x Tony Moly Surprise Box

I was surprised with the Tony Moly X Lazada box this time round!

Scroll on to get a peek at the three items (of the many in the box) which caught my attention.

#1 | Dr.Logy Sheet Mask

Lazada x Tony Moly Surprise Box: Dr Logy Face Masks

Dr.LOGY sheet masks give your skin professional care with five different effective treatments.

So whether you’re dealing with dull, dehydrated skin or acne-prone aging skin, we’ve got just what the doctor ordered!

#2 | Tony Moly BCDATION Moisture Cover Cushion

Lazada x Tony Moly Surprise Box: BCdation

A triple effect cushion that promises to whiten, protect against the sun (SPF50+) and provide anti-wrinkle benefits.

The cushion has an added moisturising effect to keep our skin health. Upon application, it ends off with a silky-skin finish.

#3 | Clean Dew Lemon Foam Cleanser

Lazada x Tony Moly Surprise Box: Clean Dew Lemon Foam Cleanser

A well-known ingredient in the beauty scene, Lemon is enriched with vitamin C.

It not only helps to clean and brighten our skin, but can also provide the additional benefit of stress-relief.

Combined with a pure green complex from fresh dew, this cleanser promises to soothe our skin while keeping it healthy!

Just for my readers only, enjoy 18% OFF when you quote [LAZOR2017NEW].
*Capped at $11 for first 100 new customers
** Valid from 11 Nov - 14 Dec

Head over to the Online Revolution sales now. Have fun Shopping The Universe!

More sneak peeks on Lazada Surprise boxes here:

IUIGA: Decorating My Living Quarters With Instagram-Worthy, Minimalistic Homewares

Pencil Striped Quilt Cover Set
(IUIGA pricing: $59.90, Normal Retailers pricing: $128)

Sleek and Minimalism, are the two descriptive terms that come to our mind when we talk about decorating our living quarters. After all that is the trend these days isn't it?

If I could afford it, I would purchase all of my household items from Muji or Marks & Spencer – gotta love the talent of those Swedish and Japanese designers! Sadly though, my budget does not allow such a luxury. Or at least it didn't ... until I was introduced to IUIGA.

IUIGA, is an e-commerce site which directly gathers quality home-wares from brand manufacturers, that are then sold to consumers at a fraction of its "branded" price. Wouldn't you like to purchase a Samsonite luggage at a quarter of its retail price? Read on to find out more.

Jujube Japanese Cup
(IUIGA pricing: $5.90, Normal Retailers pricing: $9.90)
Scandi Beech Wood Plate
(IUIGA pricing: $11.90, Normal Retailers pricing: $20.90)

IUIGA was founded based on the notion, "Why pay so much for quality?"

The folks at IUIGA scour the globe to find life-improving products that are designed to last.

They work with the best undiscovered brand manufacturers – the very same ones that produce the favourite designer brand goods you love, ie. Samsonite, Muji – and to bring those goods to you. At only a fraction of its branded price.

Heatproof Glass Coffee Cup
(IUIGA pricing: $6.50, Normal Retailers pricing: $12)
Heatproof Glass Saucer
(IUIGA pricing: $7.80, Normal Retailers pricing: $16)

Through the process, traditional brand premiums are cut out. The savings found are then passed onto you.

IUIGA believes in complete transparency, and so you'll get to know a break-down of each item's price. They will show you how much it costs to make those products, and the profit that IUIGA gets from the sale.

It is important to them that you know how much quality truly costs. (Click here for an example of a cost break-down)

Set of 4 Tableware
(IUIGA pricing: $49.80, Normal Retailers pricing: $129)

There is a myriad of items to buy on IUIGA. Perhaps it is time for some new bedsheets and bath towels from the Home & Living section, or how about some new instagram-worthy tea and coffee cups from the Kitchenware page.

Explore the Travel section for a brand new Samsonite luggage, as well as the Accessories or Apparels pages.

Just for you only, register an account using my referral link and enjoy a $10 discount when you check out your cart.

In addition, you get to have 15% off your first IUIGA purchases when you key in the promo code [SOPHLEOW]. (Valid till 30 December 2017)

Have fun shopping (and saving) on IUIGA!