The Lash Lawn: How I Wake Up Looking Fabulous Every Morning

Wouldn't it be great if you woke up every morning looking perfect? That is how I feel when my lashes have been fixed by The Lash Lawn. I can walk out of my house sans makeup, brimming with confidence because I know that I’m looking picture-perfect thanks to ‘em faux lashes.

Read on for my experience with the lash extensions at The Lash Lawn!

The Lash Lawn: Pretty At Home With Lashes
Zero eyeshadow on! Just some brow powder, foundation + blush

Here is an honest sharing from me. After having my cute baby Ethan, I couldn't stand being outshone by him. He looks adorable every second of every minute all day!

I, on the other hand, look exhausted and like an old hag, especially when I had no makeup on. Additionally, I loved taking photos of my baby boy and even more so, taking photos WITH HIM. However I couldn't stand posting the photos of myself (without makeup)... because I looked so terrible!

I began looking for solutions and it happened by chance one day. I was out for an event and wore falsies. I came home and took routine pictures with the little one; because they grow up so fast and I want to take as many photos with him as I can before he begins to reject the camera! And that was when I realised that faux lashes were the key to making me look refreshed and pretty all the time.

The Lash Lawn
Bare face for a facial but I'm still looking good cos of 'em lashes! – it's so amazing that I was shocked after taking this pic

It was as though the Lash Lawn heard my prayers because they reached out for a partnership and my gosh, their faux lashes are THE BOMB! Their lashes are incredibly fluttery and so light & comfortable – nothing is more annoying than heavy lashes that irritates the eye!

They've got me covered for all occasions – from natural-looking "Girl Next Door" lashes that keep me going on with my daily life grinds, to fabulous star-striking "Jet Setter" lashes that I would recommend to all office ladies because it cuts your makeup time by HALF!

Took this gif right after I woke up, haven't comb my hair or wash face yet lol

Life has been amazing after getting lash extensions. I've received multiple compliments that my lashes look so natural, you wouldn't even notice that they were fake. It has done an excellent job in making me look pretty anytime, anywhere – but what I love most is looking refreshed and awake 24/7 (so important for a new mom that barely gets 5 hrs of sleep a day 😂)

Over at The Lash Lawn, they focus on doing lashes that look natural with the intention of subtly accentuating one's features. So you wouldn't expect them to do anything too crazy or over the top – their lashes are not the super diva-like sort. The lash beauticians would always ensure that every strand has been properly separated, so as to prevent any itchiness or eye irritations.

They care a lot about your own lashes and would thus provide you with recommendations. For instance, my lashes are very thin, thus I can't do anything more than 2D because my own lashes are unable to handle the weight. In addition, the lash beauticians know that I wear specs so they would choose a suitable lash length that wouldn't collide with my specs.

I know this sounds really duh, but you'd be amazed by the sheer number of lash beauticians who do not ask me these questions and don't take such good care of my lashes. I have once had my lashes terribly destroyed by a lash parlour who did not ask me any questions and proceeded with the sticking – I ended up with false lashes that were wayyyyyy too long which kept colliding with my specs (it was so f*cking irritating for my eye), and they stuck so many extensions on each of my lash that made it really heavy and uncomfortable.

Point to note, if you are looking for something light, natural, fluttery, feels-like-it-is-non-existent... then go for The Lash Lawn! & don't forget to tell them that you are recommended by me because you can get 15% off any lash service!

The Lash Lawn: Event-ready all the time
Me at an event with zero eye makeup on! These lashes are truly amazing!

The Lash Lawn
See my lashes peeking out?! ♡
Look like I've got eyeliner on when in reality, I don't!

Here is the price list at The Lash Lawn.

Price list

If you are unsure of what sort of lashes that you want or would best fit your needs, you can always discuss it with your friendly lash technician and they would recommend to you what they think is best for your eye while meeting your beauty needs!

Each lash session can take 60 minutes or more. It depends on the number of strands you choose to stick (80, 120 or volume) and that would in turn also affect the duration of your touch-up session.

Here are some tips to make your lash extensions last longer:
  1. Wait at least 4 hours after your lash session before you take your shower, just to make sure that the glue has completely dried
  2. Avoid rubbing makeup remover (including micellar water makeup remover) around your eyes as that might potentially dissolve the glue and cause your lash to drop faster
  3. Comb it well every night & morning – to avoid clumping and to ensure longevity!

Save some moolah when you use this promo code at The Lash Lawn (because we Singaporeans love promo codes so much!)

Quote [SOPHLEOW15] for 15% off all non-promo service!
(or you can just tell them that you are recommended by me la!)

Lash on, ladies!

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