Mothercare Review: Affordable & Good Quality Baby High Chairs

Ethan started solids at an early age. We had him sitting on a rocker-turned-stationary-seat for the first few weeks and although it wasn't the best chair for eating, it served its purpose. As he grew older and BIGGER, the rocker was no longer suitable as he was always fidgeting around in a chair.

In addition, as mentioned in my YouTube review video, eating in a reclined position isn't the best nor the safest. Hence we got Ethan a baby high chair which was kindly sponsored by Mothercare. Read on for a review of this baby high chair and what features about it that I like the most!

| Mothercare Bear and Friends Highchair

Mothercare Bear & Friends High Chair: Removable Table Tray

Suitable from six months onwards, the Mothercare Bear and Friends highchair features a deep padded seat that is removable for easy cleaning which can also be reclined in three different positions.

The highchair also features six different height position and an easy to remove tray that is simple to clean and which can be stored on the back of the seat when not needed. When dinnertime is over, the Bear and Friends highchair is easy to fold and will stand freely for easy storage.

Mothercare Bear & Friends High Chair: Foldable Baby Chair With 6 Adjustable Heights

Features & Specifications:
  • Suitable from 6 months or when your baby can sit up unaided up to a maximum weight of 15kg
  • Extra padded comfy seat
  • Easy Clean removable tray
  • 3 position recline
  • 6 height positions
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Removable padded seat for easy cleaning
  • Convenient tray storage on back
  • Easy to fold and will standing freely when folded
  • Unfolded Dimensions: D73 x W56.5 x H112cm
  • High chair weight: 8kg

| My Two Cents

Mothercare Bear & Friends High Chair: Comfy Padded Seat

At half the price of most branded high chairs, Mothercare's house brand baby high chair offers the same functions & features as a branded high chair. And to be honest, the Mothercare Bear & Friends High Chair is actually really good!

I used to have this thought that house brand items = cheap but not so good. However after becoming a mom, I have learnt that the notion does not apply to all baby products. Pardon me for digressing but if you haven't tried Mothercare's Liquid Talc... YOU SHOULD!

Ethan used to get heat rash in between his neck, behind his knee, in between his elbow fold... and it annoys the shit out of me because as a mom who loves her kid a lot & as a beauty blogger who is crazy for perfect skin, I find it absolutely crucial for my kid to have flawless non-irritated skin.

I applied soooo many types of creams/lotions/gels and other brands of liquid talc. But none of them worked better than Mothercare's!

Okay now back to the baby high chair. First up, this baby high chair requires assembling after delivery. The assembly was super easy and even I could do it! That means a lot for someone who is a blur queen like me!

The 6 adjustable height positions mean that I can always find a suitable height to match the dining table or any other tables (that are above the knee level), or according to his feeding needs. About a month back, I lowered the baby high chair by a couple of notches because his Fisher Price Workbench Toy was too high (when placed on the removable table-tray) and we had to stand and feed him to overcome the height problem. After the height adjustment, that problem no longer existed!

As for the 3 reclining positions, find a suitable sitting position for your child every time. When they are younger and their spine + back muscles have yet to be fully developed, they might require more support when sitting upright. Thus you might wanna recline the seat backwards, and then incline it as they grow older.

The 5-point safety harness is a must-have for fidgety babies who are unable to sit still – such as Ethan – and it holds down our precious one safely to the high chair. The convenient tray storage at the back plays a great part in space reduction and organisation!

Now here is the feature about the baby high chair which I love the most! Remember how I mentioned that Ethan began eating solids earlier than most kids? He started at four months old. Thus with the younger age, it also meant a smaller build (doesn't help that he isn't very tall to begin with!)

Mothercare Bear & Friends High Chair has an additional padded comfy seat (the brown bear cushion) to give the chair a small boost in terms of fitting. I used this booster in the beginning and it played a great part in having Ethan seated comfortably in his baby high chair. He is now 7 months old, and a lot taller + bigger in size, thus I have removed the cushion. I absolutely love the flexibility that the Mothercare Bear & Friends High Chair has given me!

You can purchase the Mothercare Bear & Friends High Chair from selected Mothercare outlets. Alternatively, order it online and have it delivered straight to your house! It is retailing online for $179.

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