Little Bearnie: Easing Ethan's Teething Discomfort

Teethers, they are every teething baby’s must have! Their gums itch so badly when the little teeth are on its way out, thus our precious baby turns to bite their thumbs, fingers, or anything that they can possibly get their tiny hands on — the end result is a wet mess of drool at wherever their mouth has been!

A good teether can help to ease a baby’s itching gum and it’d be so satisfying that the baby is willing to choose it over his thumb. Teethers come in every form — with cooling gel or without, with a rattle component or without — and these ones from Little Bearnie are Ethan’s current fav! They can keep him occupied for a long time and I do like the little touch of (name) personalisation in the teether. Read on for more.

Little Bearnie Teething Clip Set

Now, you’d be surprised by the efficacy of a good teether. (Note: highlight GOOD)

Ethan is picky even when it comes to teethers. If a particular teether is unable to satiate his annoying itching gum, he dumps that teether aside, moves back to his hands and forever remembers that teether as “the lousy one”. If I ever tried giving that teether back, he screams at me (poor mommy!).

Hence whenever I hand Ethan a teether, it is more of a trial and error process. As you might probably have guessed, we have a ton of teethers at home now because of his fussiness — seven at the moment (not inclusive of the ones from Little Bearnie).

| Why Little Bearnie?

I feel safe giving Ethan the teethers from Little Bearnie as it is made of high quality 100% food-grade silicone that is safe and BPA-free.

For the teething clipping set, the silicone teether is also designed with a textured surface to help soothe any teething pain – Ethan loves to use the textured side to rub the side of his gum which annoys him the most!

Little Bearnie Teething Clip Set

In addition, the colourful appearance is attractive to babies and looks good when brought out (for shopping excursions)!

For superrrrr particular parents (eg. my husband, the kiasu dad) who need to know what other chemical-free substances this product is from, you'll be pleased to know that the teethers from Little Bearnie are also PVC, Vinyl, Phthalate, Cadmium and Lead free.

They are easily washable with soap and water, and can be chilled for added relief.

Here are two teethers that I've tried from Little Bearnie:

#1 | Teething Clip Set

Little Bearnie Teething Clip Set

It’s been two weeks since I introduced the Little Bearnie Teething Clip Set to my little one. His reaction to it now is still the same as his very first time. He fiddles it around in his little hands, chomps down on it, and his round eyes turn bright as he realises that it CAN ease his gum discomfort.

Ethan twists and turns it around, making good use of every side of the teether – from the bumpy underside on the ice cream teether to the smaller name beads – to get to every nook and cranny in his mouth that is causing him unease.

Because the teether is clipped onto him, he can reach for it easily if the teether were to slip out of his hands. I've never seen him so satisfied with a teether and it can keep him entertained for a really long time!

#2 | Teething Necklace

Little Bearnie Teething Necklace

Another option for mummies to consider is this Teething Necklace. Do note: This is for mummies to wear, but for your little one to bite!

You know how sometimes you have that dress which dreadfully needs a statement necklace to make it look good? Yet you hesitate wearing the necklace as you know that your curiosity-charged baby will reach for it and definitely put your chunky (toxic-filled) necklace in his/her mouth.

Little Bearnie Teething Necklace

This food-grade silicone teething necklace from Little Bearnie is your saviour! Use it safely as a fashion accessory around your baby because you know that it is baby teething-friendly.

Or if not you can also use the teething necklace as a distraction from your little one biting you (trust me, their "vampiric" days will come) when you are carrying him in your arms.

Take a look here at the vast collection of teethers by Little Bearnie.

Little Bearnie Baby Teethers

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Follow them on their social media pages – Facebook, Instagram – for the latest update on their teether designs and locations of the pop-up store. (Psst.. They'll be at ArtBox 2018!)

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