Dekke Hud: Manly Face Masks For My Groom, For Our Wedding Day!

Thanks to the nature of my job, I blessed with a myraid of sponsored facial treatments and sufficient products for me to create my own facial routine at home.

As for my husband, it is a different ball game. To begin with, he was never a fan of having strangers fussing over his face. Even if I were to attempt doing a homemade facial for him, I would be wrestling against his patience and whines of how it isn't manly enough.

Fortunately I got him to silence up for 15 minutes with DEKKE HUD's facial masks – designed and made for men. Read on to find out more!


The night before our wedding banquet, I sat my husband down and slapped a Dekke Hud's facial mask on his face. Upon ripping open the packaging, I instantly realised that they had indeed designed this face mask for men and I'm not talking about the formulation of the mask's essence.

DEKKE HUD Face Mask 1
Trying out the "Skin Revitalisation Mask"

The face mask was packed without any complicated folds and noticeably thicker than usual – unlike most face masks which requires the user to fumble and struggle as he unfolds the thin piece of sheet mask and usually tearing up the thin mask in the process.

My guess is that they had taken into account that (most) men do not possess nimble fingers, hence they engineered the face mask in a way to eradicate any manly frustration.

With the face mask on, the husband mumbled through the lip gap,

"Hey this face mask does not have a smell! I like!"

DEKKE HUD Face Mask 2
No drips, no fuss

In addition, the sheet mask was sufficiently soaked in the highly-concentrated essence, but not to the extent of dripping liquid everywhere when removed from its bag! That was another big brownie point with my husband because he hates it when the collar of his shirt gets wet from having a sheet mask on.

DEKKE HUD Face Mask 3

He obediently sat through the next 15 minutes, twiddling his thumbs as he scrolls through Instagram and Facebook, playing rounds of Sudouku on his phone.

Finally the time was up and as like how all men would, he ripped off the mask eagerly. I asked for his comments on the express facial he just received and his words were,

"Fuss-free, simple, no obnoxious flowery smell, moisturising. Not bad!"

In conclusion, the sheet mask from Dekke Hud was a win!

If you're keen to get some of these face masks for yourself or your significant male other, click here.

DEKKE HUD Face Masks

Dekke Hud aims to provide men with skincare solutions that actually lasts. This mask that they have developed is a Bio Cellulose Mask which requires only 15 minutes of the man's life, and the results are there to stay for DAYS.

Dekke Hud's Mask is a unique premium mask that makes use of medical technology targeted at treating severe burns and wounds. It works by acting as a medium to deliver serum into the deepest layers of your skin, leaving you with immediate results that you just can’t get with other products in the market.

They have three main types of masks: "ALL Day Oil Control Mask", "ALL Day Moisturizing Mask", or "Skin Revitalisation Mask". Each box with 3 packs of result-driven masks, available at $40 per box.

DEKKE HUD Facial Cleanser

You can also explore their "ANYTIME Facial Cleanser" which helps to reduce dryness by restoring your skin to the right pH balance while also providing re-hydration. It is made of rich Amino Acid ingredients certified from Japan. Unlike other cleansers, Dekke Hud's Anytime Facial Cleanser won’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry after each wash.

Pick and choose the suitable mask for your skin-type – be it to give your face a quickie spa-boost before your next date, or to revitalise and heal some damaged skin! Go check out their online store now!

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