Looking Effortlessly Pretty In Your CNY Photos With Eyelash Extensions Done At Bejeweled

Getting eyelash extensions on really helps to make you look pretty without much effort. And if you were to get a good pair of eyelash extensions on, they won't look fake nor cause discomfort to your eyes.

Here in this post, I will be sharing more about the lash extensions from Bejeweled, which is possibly the softest and lightest pair of fluttery lashes that I have ever had on – for a moment, I really thought that my extensions were my real lashes! Read on to find out more.

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Looking effortlessly pretty during last December's SONY A5100 event

CNY is happening this weekend and it is also probably when Instagram will be the most alive, what with everyone sharing their #cnyootd #cny2017 pics.

Now, you wanna look good in all the pictures that will be going online but here's the thing about looking good, you don't wanna spend that much time sitting before a mirror dabbling with a ton of makeup products. You just wanna dash out of the house ASAP to visit as many relatives as possible and collect as many angpaos as you can!

This is where a good set of lash extensions will come in handy because you'll find yourself looking good 24/7 at any angle – or at least I did!

First step of the procedure is to clean your lashes from any remnants eyelash glue and/or mascara

Let me re-emphasise the importance on a good set of lash extensions: I personally like lashes that are soft and light because comfort is my priority, and I have had terribles experiences with lash extensions before.

Lashes used at Bejeweled are super fine, extremely soft and ultra light-weight

I once had eyelash extensions that are incredibly heavy and coarse, and those weighed my eyelids down and caused pain to my eyes. The pain was multiplied when I showered as water was caught on the lashes and the extra (water) weight made it extremely painful for my eyes – I would walk out of my shower with red eyes caused by the pain.

The bad lash extensions were also so thick and coarse that it scratched against my eyelids, resulting in a slight rash and unbearable itch. That itch is so real that I wanted to just pluck out all of my lash extensions, even if it means losing all of my real lashes too. #truestory

I was given the Glamorous C extensions

So when I went to Bejeweled for lash extensions, I made sure to check with the beautician on the type of lashes that they use.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered how fine, soft and lightweight their lash extensions were! I could barely contain my excitement and was eager to get on with the procedure!

Beautician sticking each lash extension on meticulously

About 2-3 strands of lash extension is carefully added to your real lash hair

The lashes looked absolutely natural upon application and no one could guess that I had extensions on!

As each lash was really fine, it did not cloud my vision like how a thick pair of falsies would. There was also no pain as I couldn't feel the weight of the lashes, and omg showering was a breeze! I did not walk out of the bathroom with bloodshot eyes, thank goodness!

As for the itch from lash extensions, I do not recall experiencing any at all. Woohoo!

Types of lash extensions available at Bejeweled

Bejeweled offers three different types of lash perming and lash extensions:
  • Natural Perm - $38
  • Classic Perm - $48
  • Princess Perm - $48

  • Natural J Extension - $98 (Suitable for people with straight-down lashes)
  • Glamorous C Extension - $118 (What I had on, for people with a slight curl to their lashes)
  • Dramatic Q Extension - $128 (Go for this if you are looking for a barbie doll/glam diva look)

If you buy a package of 8 sessions at once, Bejeweled will be rewarding you with 2 complimentary sessions on the house.

You can expect your lash extensions to last from two weeks to a month, depending on how you take care of them. Frequent face washing would cause the lashes to drop out sooner, and so would oil-based makeup remover.

For more information, you can always enquire from the beautician or read here. To know about the latest promotions at Bejeweled, do check out their Facebook or Instagram page.

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