Oh Neul Han Jeom Restaurant: Grilling Meat With Infrared Ray, Guaranteed Less Smoke And No Smell

Oh Neul Han Jeom Korean Restaurant
177 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068625

Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer
Contact: (+65)6221 0401
Website: Oh Neul Han Jeom Facebook

Oh Neul Han Jeom Grilled Pork Collar
BBQ Meats
Woosamgyeop [Thin sliced beef short plate with soy sauce] $28
Yangnyeom Moksal [Marinated pork collar neck with soy sauce] $20
Samgyeopsal [Pork belly] $18

Oh Neul Han Jeom Grilled Meat
Have the meat on its own, or...

Oh Neul Han Jeom Grilled Meat
Wrap it in a piece of lettuce with some red pepper paste, kimchi and french bean

Oh Neul Han Jeom Seafood Pajeon
Pajeon [Spring onion pancake with seafood] $25

Oh Neul Han Jeom Soon Du Bu
Soondubu Jigae [Spicy Soft Tofu Stew With Clam] (Small $16, Large $23)

Oh Neul Han Jeom Clam Soup
Tons of whole hearty clams in this delicious stew!

Rating: 3.8/5

My two cents:

Who doesn't love a good Korean BBQ? I know I do! However I have always avoided it due to the fear of walking out of the restaurant, reeked with the stench of meaty grease and smoke. That is (fortunately) not gonna be the case at Oh Neul Han Jeom, as the restaurant adopts an infrared ray stove to cook their meat!

With the infrared ray stove, the meat is cooked from the inside-out thus producing less smoke. The conventional cooking mechanism that uses heat cooks meat from the outside-in, hence it dries out the moisture within the meat and produces smoke. That smoke carries the grease, gets blown on our body, and thus we end up smelling like a roasted pig!

In conclusion, infrared ray stove is goooooooood! It is from henceforth, my top requirement when searching for a Korean BBQ place. Do try their meats marinated with soy sauce!

Moving onto the Pajeon, a good pancake is crispy on the outside while soft and moist on the inside, and sufficiently tasty. This one from Oh Neul Han Jeom fits the bill!

Swish all the tasty meats and pancake down with a nice spoonful of Spicy Soft Tofu Stew With Clam. It is slightly spicy, and made flavourful and refreshing with the addition of clams. If you are a fan of tofu stew, I highly recommend you to try this out!

Oh Neul Han Jeom has affordable lunch sets for 1 pax, ranging from $10 to $15. Check out the pic below for an idea on what they've got available!

Follow Oh Neul Han Jeom on their Facebook page for the latest updates on their promotions and dishes!

Note: This post was sponsored by Oh Neul Han Jeom Korean Restaurant.

Post-Note: Oh Neul Han Jeom has ceased its operations as of 9 October 2016.

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