Love clothes, but not a fashion blog?

It struck me all of a sudden tonight, what am I doing on the internet?

It was then that I realised that I was going through the internet, searching for FASHION blogs!!!

I apologise if I seem to be creating a fuss out of nothing but I simply found this to be rather ironical and in a weird kind of way, a tad amusing.

I spend a majority of my time on the internet looking for fashion blogs because I enjoyed looking at the way people throw their clothes and accessories together, and viola! The vibe that they accentuate through their clothes, it gives me this happy feeling!

If I had to describe that happy feeling, I would say that it is like when "My Little Pony" fans see miniature figurines of "My Little Pony", and when "Hello Kitty" fans see that MacDonalds will be launching a special "Hello Kitty" dolls sales with each purchase of their value meal.

It is just like when I see a fellow Pokémon fan and I'd be like...

It is really really hard to find anyone who knows any pokémon after the Kanto region, OK?

Much less anyone who can tell me the names of at least 3 pokémons from the Isshu region (which is where the current season is held at).

See, I told you so!
(If there is anyone who really does know, comment below with the 3 pokémon names that you know of! I would love to know you!!)

Whenever I get bored (either in lectures or when I'm on my way to/fro home and school), I would pull out my phone, open my instagram app, type '#lookingfor', '#fashion', '#sgsales', '#sgclearance', '#sgselling', '#sgblogshop' in the search box and then get occupied.

The reason why I don't type '#ootd' is because rarely anything good ever comes out of it. If you don't believe in, go try it yourself.

I just did that and the first photo that surfaced was a plump lady dressed in only her bra and a pair of white shorts, taking her self-shot in her bathroom with the aid of her bathroom mirror (ie. reflected self-shot).

Like girl, why did you do that for?! #beyondmyunderstanding #willnevergetit

In conclusion, I guess the reason why I have a food blog is because I find it perfectly OK to pull out my camera and shamelessly snap it at a plate of food for a full 3-5 minutes.

While I'm doing that, some other patrons at the restaurant look at me and my camera, and they start shaking their head and snigger at me silently in between their mouths full of food (yes, I do notice you people!).

Ironically enough, I however lack of the guts to take a massive amount of self-shots even though I really would love to do so!

Yes, I know that.

But I would rather think that...
Yes, I'm a unicorn baby!


  1. Great post!! Love how you included the cute pics.

    1. Thank you! Replied you on your blog already.

  2. Haha, I loved reading through this. Who cares about what other people think? Snap away, it's your blog after all :)

    fashion and tea

    1. I had a great time reading your blog too! LOVE LOVE LOVE the "PIES->THIGHS" sign!

  3. Such a funny post! haha
    Have a nice day pretty:)

  4. Great fun post :D Thanks for your following... I am following you back via bloglovin :)

    1. No problem! I dropped by your blog! Cool outfits! ((:

  5. I had to LOL at your caption under the Jackie Chan pic.
    I look up fashion blogs all the time as well! So I guess we're not alone.
    Nice post:)

    1. Hello there! I've replied you on your blog already!! (:

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