It has been a really long time since I last made any decent entry on what I have been doing with my life. So here is an update for the month of March 2013! Hopefully I will get back my habit of making monthly updates from here on as it helps me to keep track of what the heck I'm doing with my life! Everything is such a blur now! What with school and a boyfriend. :/

My holidays are coming to an end in 2 weeks time, and frankly.. I haven't had enough of holidays yet (as if anyone ever can!) I feel as though time flew past like nobody's business, and as I looked back at what I've been doing this holiday... I see this huge blank in my mind as I have no idea what I have been doing either! Not a good thing :(

Anyway, here are a couple of things that I did:

I went out with a girlfriend to shop at Haji Lane. She had never been to Haji Lane before so I brought her there to take a look at the place. Haji Lane is really good for taking pictures due to its retro/vintage setting with an occasional pop of modernisation.

Adeline and I (:

One of the shops had a mega sales that day. They were selling everything in their store for $5-$15. It was paradise. I bought quite a number of things (hence the big shopping bag on my arm) and I am quite pleased with my haul except one of the items, which was an orange clutch that was big enough to fit A4-size paper. I always wanna flip a table when I talk about that clutch.

On my first day of usage, one of the zips broke. The next day, another zip broke. A week later, I watched budget barbie and saw that the host of the show bought the exact same bag for $6, whereas I paid $15 for mine. A couple more days later, the bag's shoulder strap broke, and that concluded the end of my usage of the clutch (for now). Sigh what ever happened to the promise for good quality products sold in Singapore? Gone.. all gone.

Anyway after shopping with Adeline that day, Rod brought me to Marché @ 313 to have dinner! It was my first time having a meal there and I must say that they have a very interesting dining concept! It's kinda like a buffet but if you were to eat and eat and eat without any restraint, you'll go broke!! Haha!

Mushroom soup and a plate of cooked vegetables!

At the crepe station.

Our chicken crepe

We did order some other food that night but I was too busy eating them and forgot to take pictures! Oops~

I did relief teaching as well and the class that I taught drove me NUTS. "Miss Leow, Miss Leow, MISS LEOWWWWWWWW!"
*shivers* The only pleasant thing that day was some of the kids drawing and writing really sweet messages to me.

Some random photos:

Went to Giant supermarket at Tampines and found this HUGE bear! It's even bigger than I am!!! And so FLUFFY!!!

Random photo with Rod when we went to Watami @ Clarke Quay to have dinner!

The lighting in the restaurant sucks! So much for creating a relaxing & romantic atmosphere. All it did was to make us feel sick and lethargic.

So here is all that I have FOR NOW. (:

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