I blame, my short hair.

Today, I finally understood the reason behind my parent's harsh criticisms on my behaviour and my character. Before today, I hated my parents for their constant criticisms on me. I couldn't understand why they always looked at me in a bad light. In my eyes, there is nothing wrong with my character. It wasn't perfect, but it was good.

If that is the case, why am I thanking my parents then? Because today I realised that whatever I have now, it is all because of my parents. Yes, their criticisms are harsh, brutal and hurting. I've lost count of the number of times that I have cried over their mean words. Today, I will contradict myself by saying "Thank you mom, thank you dad, for all the mean things that you have said to me, and from preventing me from becoming a spoilt brat."

I have encountered spoilt brats in my life. In fact, I dated one before. However I have never met a person who is more spoilt and more bratty than any other spoilt brats that I have ever met. Probably because I have a dated a spoilt brat before, hence I know the extreme importance of not conforming to a spoilt brat. Spoilt brats, they always get their way. Their family does it out of love, their friends do it probably because it is the easier way out and there is less trouble as well, however these friends sneer at them behind their back and despise them. To call these people "friends", I feel sad for these spoilt brats because they are unable to identify their true friends. In other words, yes.. spoilt brats are pathetic.

Spoilt brats are unable to accept any form of disagreement or criticisms from others. They resort to childish means to get what they want. They don't hesitate to inflict pain on others, just to satisfy their need for revenge and to satisfy their inner devil that drives the wheel of negativity. We all know of people to inflict pain on themselves, either by physical or mental means.

By physical means, I'm referring to wrist-cutting, suicides, head banging. Whatever sort that will bring about a physical harm to your body.

By mental means, I am referring to the refusal to change your mindset and have happy thoughts.

Why do people inflict pain on themselves then? Because pain feels good.

I know, I sound absurd, but think about it. Pain is what makes you feel human. Pain is what makes you alive and feel that you are living. Pain is an emotion that you can feel thoroughly. That heartache, that sensation that runs through your entire body that makes you wanna curl up in bed. Pain is one of the emotions that can be identified easily. We all say, "Why can't we be happy when we are sad? Why is this sadness never going away?" If that were to ever happen to you again (which it most probably will because we are all humans living on the surface of this planet), please ask yourself this question "Am I allowing myself to be happy? What am I thinking right now? AM I THINKING HAPPY THOUGHTS?".

Very often, it isn't that happy thoughts are hard to think of. But rather instead, it is harder to let go of unhappy thoughts because we would lose that feeling of pain that surges through us that makes us feel alive. Happiness makes a person feel light-headed and we would feel as though our feet isn't on the ground, and well.. I guess that makes us feel weird? To all my dearest friends, if you can feel light-headed, feel blessed because you have something in your life that makes you happy. Happiness makes everything better and we all deserve to each own a better world.

Back to the main point of this entry: "I blame, my short hair."

Ever since I sliced my long hair off, I look less like a bitch. No really. My best friends say that I look really cute and easy to bully now, and most unfortunately, I have to announce this: Yes I know I am adorable (BHB much!) but I am NOT nice nor easy to bully. I'm not a bad bitch, I'm a good bitch. Kinda like how not all witches are bad, there are good witches too. For those who don't get what I'm trying to say, GO WATCH 'HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS'.

Over the past year, I have lost count of the number of people who have attempted to take advantage of my kindness and how I have had to pull out the inner bitch in me to let these people know that I am not who they think I am and I am not to be messed with.

Before I sliced away my long hair, I would often get comments like "You look damn fierce and scary", when really I didn't say shit nor do anything at all. When boyfriend first met me, he said that I look damn fierce and mature, which is why he wasn't attracted to me. I know what's going on in all of your heads. Yes, he is a poor chap who fell for my current cunning, deceiving, doe-like appearance. TOO BAD!

You know I actually don't mind having the image that I give to others when I have short hair. What I hate is how these people don't know how to control themselves and they have such poor character. No one should ever be taken advantage of, and these spoilt brats prey on such people just to have a good time. So despicable. Seriously, I have to despise them.

I want everyone here to remember this:


It is important to be liked by your friends and more often than not, we change ourselves so as to gain their acceptance. However in the process of gaining their acceptance, do always take note on whether the changes that you make is to make yourself a better person or to simply just gain their approval of you. If that change is to simply gain their approval of you but it makes you a lousier person, I rather you lose the friend and be..

One day you will find friends who can see you for your good and to accept you for who you are. It's hard but just endure. It is much better than finding friends who misguides you, mistreats you and misleads you. Live a good and right life, not a good but wrong one.

Like what I told the spoilt brat: If you want me to say something, I'm only gonna give you the truth and it will be nothing but brutal and harsh. If you can't accept what I'm going to say, then I suggest you be on your way and stop bothering me, or else what you seek for will only be the disruption of peace to our friendship.

P.S. REMEMBER THIS: Don't mess with me. Yes you're bitchy, but I will always be bitchier than you.

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