And he says the mushiest things ever

Ally couldn't help smiling to herself and feeling silly for having done so. That tiny flame dancing around in her heart, it was hard to ignore. She was never one for anything mushy, however she made a drastic change for him. She found herself doing things which she couldn't comprehend, from making surprise picnics to planning surprise movie marathons. She wondered what other surprises could she ever come up with -- and frankly those surprises surprised her as well!

She sat before her desk, fiddling with her water bottle and her medication for her swollen left eye. She knew that her mother would be walking into her room any minute to nag her for not having taken her medication yet, for she should have after having just returned from the doctor's. However, her mind was elsewhere. It was on the things that he had said a couple of minutes ago. Ally thought, how could anyone ever come up with such cheesy lines?! And why is it that he and the things that he say, have such an effect on her? It was like a fireworks show going on in her head! So many colours, so bright, so pretty, so explosive.. they made her light-headed!

"I should paint this colour for next week then I'll be an awesome girlfriend/wife-to-be for the week!"
"Don't paint yet! Wait for me to be there and I'll paint it for you!"
"Er... Hmm the next time that you'll see me will be 11 days later? You've got your exams coming up and you have to train for your IPPT which is on Wednesday, no?"
"Let me do it please! Let me have the honour of giving you the title."

There, it was that line. It made her go giddy. It made her happy. Damn it. Ally knew that she shouldn't be, but she is.. vulnerable to his cheesy lines. She liked it when he affirmed her with his words and she need not affirm herself with her thoughts. It made her seem self-delusional when she did it, and in a way she felt insecure. It isn't that she has no faith in him, she simply preferred the faith that he gave her on his own accord..

Ally's smile grew a little wider when she noticed that by coincidence, the colour of that polish shade was his favourite colour too. Blue. The little things that girls notice and associate with, how silly and foolish it caused them to be. For better or for worst, Ally knew that it was not within her grasp, but rather the person who wield such powers/possess such gifts within his hands, unknowingly.

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