Because I've got nothing else to do while waiting for a phone call

I promised Sin Hui that I would be a good girl and upload the pictures we took yesterday, so here goes...

I met her @ Vivo yesterday after her work, for dinner and some light shopping.

Earle Swensen's provided us with some awesome dinner!

Appetisers from the buffet salad bar. The pile of food on the plate comprises of: fresh lettuce and tomatoes dressed with Caesar salad sauce, croutons and crushed bacons; pasta with potato mayo; and lastly, spicy oriental mushrooms.

Soup of the day: Cream of corn and chicken Sausage.
I know that many of you will scrunch up your nose at the mention of 'corn', but it seriously taste better than how it sounds.

Her Fisherman's Catch

My Grilled Cajun Chicken

When we were trying on some clothes at Esprit, we decided to sneak a few shots while the fitting room was empty.

I got bored while waiting for her to come out of the fitting room.

Bored x2

We walked around F21, Topshop and Zara, and we managed to grab some goodies from F21!! It was getting late so we decided to go home. Sadly enough, I didn't see any shoes which were to my liking at Mondo :( I am in desperate need for more shoesssss. CNY is coming, and that is extremely good because it gives me more reasons to go shopping. Heh!

I'm meeting my girlfriend again tomorrow to accompany her for a job interview. She says that my presence is required to calm her nerves down or else she will screw up the interview. See the significance of my existence! *beams with pride*

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