Love is a fire.

Isn't it odd that when you are giving advices to someone whose heart got broken, the phrase "there are other fishes in the sea, there are other trees in the forest" becomes applicable, whereas when the phrase is used on yourself, it becomes inapplicable. Well, it isn't really inapplicable, but rather we are in denial. We are so determined and insistent that our love is the strongest, it is the best and it will NEVER die. We somehow miraculously possess prediction powers at that moment and we are able to tell the future -- that we will still be loving someone say 10 or 20 years down the road -- but honestly, how accurate is our prediction? Or even worst, it isn't even a prediction to begin with. It was nothing but a mere speculation. Speculations are unreliable as they are based on nothing. Speculations are made up of thin air and wild guesses.

As much as we wish for our heartbroken friends to take a moment and pause from grieving over their heartache, to see understand that it isn't the end yet, why aren't we doing the same? Love is blind but in such cases, WE are the ones who slipped a blindfold over our eyes and choose to be ignorant about the reality that there are indeed other fishes in the sea and other trees in the forest. We have to open our heart AND mind to embrace this fact. It is possible to continue loving someone and it is only right to love someone when you accept all the other possibilities out in this world. Fyi, accepting other possibilities is completely different from the crave/desire for other possibilities, because the word to describe the latter is called 'rebounce'.

"Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart, or burn down your house, you can never tell." --Author Unknown

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