Controversial breaking point

I think my scariest moments are not when I am furious, but instead, they are when my mind plunges itself into a deep state of thought. I am able to think and comprehend clearly, unlike the usual haze and road-blocks which hinders my path of thought. I don't need directions, I don't need maps, I don't need compasses. I am pulled by this invisible cord, to go forward. To walk a path for which no future can be seen. But for some unknown reason why, it's okay.

I can feel it now. This is my breaking point. Like the edge on a cliff. Like the boiling point on a thermometer. Like the sharp blade on a knife. My breaking point.

Everything is a complete controversy. I see it now. I see my breaking point. I am here.

It was never your fault. It was always mine. I am sorry for everything.

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