Just a short update, ok?

I owe sinhui a REALLY LONG and DETAILED entry.
But my entire body is just screaming LAZY.
Another day okay girlfriend? :D

Today is my dajie's 22nd birthday.
Pity for her, some of her ruthless friends decided to celebrate it for her at midnight at a KTV.
AND..... they caused her to be drunk. That includes the not being able to walk in a straight line, vomitting non-stop, stomach feeling funny because you've dunked too much alcohol.
Well, anyone would be if they had to drink neat.
Mom and dad were obviously upset because she wasn't suppose to be returning home in such a bad shape.
I thought mom did a really good job in making those friends of hers feel bad :X
They do deserve it. Serve them right.

My family decided to celebrate her birthday too, in our own style.
Throw a bbq party, eat tons of meat and little veg (Okay, there's salad. But salad is not my kinda thing.)

The cousins organized a small event for her, a cluedo. The theme was HORROR.
It was... an epic failure :X

My sister laughed throughout the whole thing and never did scream.
Instead, it was the organizer (LEXUS) who screamed instead.
He got frightened by his own works. WOW~
Although the thing was a failure, but everyone had fun.
Laughter filled the house and music bombarded our ears.
Typical Lexus to blast music during such occasions.

I'm sorry I dont have the photos of the cluedo event,
because my sister took the pictures using Lexus' camera.
I'll get the pictures from him another time (:

To end off this entry. I'll show you peeps an amazing photo that cant be left out.
I present to you....


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