Do You? Have You?

Everything that happens in your world links you back to your important ONE.

Does your heart race to a rate equivalent to the rate of a mouse's heartbeat whenever you hear his/her name being mentioned? (A human's heart beat at an average of 70beats per minute whereas a mouse's heart beat at an average of 500 beats per minute.)
Do you ever wonder why you can always spot his/her hand signalling that he/she wants to hold your hand, when he/she is walking infront of you, with his/her back facing towards you, and the signalling hand isn't really obvious. Yet, you can still spot that hand as to you, its really really obvious. Ever wondered, why?
Do you think of him/her when you're eating his/her favourite food?
Do you call him/her when you've been frightened awake, thanks to a scary nightmare? (Well.. I do! :X )
Have you ever chose to walk instead of riding a public transport to somewhere with him/her? Even though you hate walking.
Have you once hated eating chicken or some kind of food, but because of him/her, you start eating it and you even develop a liking for that kind of food?
Have the both of you walked into an arcade, spent $10-$20 playing the toy-catching machine, and ended up leaving the place empty-handed, unable to win a single toy. Yet, the both of you are still smiling widely as the two of you walk out of the arcade hand in hand. Afterall, its the happy memories that counts, isn't it?
Have you ever rush to find the answer to a question that he/she asks you about? To ditch your mountain pile of homework aside, to dump your NEED-TO-DO list to one side, just to look for that one answer for his/her question? How insane can one be when one is in love?

You're working on a piece of homework in his/her room alone, wrinkles are formed on your forehead and you crease your eyebrows together as you're having difficulty in solving a problem. You're feeling vexed and irritated. He/she walks in to check on you and all of a sudden, you feel as though the whole world has brightened and that heavy weight on your shoulders have been lifted off suddenly. You put your pen down, extend your arms to him/her, and he/she walks over to give you a big hug. And then, out of nowhere, the solution comes rushing into your head and tadah! You solved that stupid question.

No one can define what love is, neither you nor me.
The definition for love is different for everyone.
I'm just one of the lucky few who's love story is just like those in a fairytale.
Or perhaps, everyone feels that their love story is like a fairytale, in one way or another.
Either way, everyone deserves to be loved.
And in return, they should find someone who deserves their love just like how they do.
In books, you read that when your loved one leaves you, you feel as though its better of being dead then to go through that pain.
In dramas/movies, you watch that living a life without your loved one by you pretty much resembles the life of a zombie.
But in reality, you daren't even think of such possibilites. You daren't even wander anywhere near it.
All you can think of is the happy future waiting for the both of you.
The beautiful sun setting, the vast sea turning orange, the both of you walking hand in hand on the beach.
Or perhaps, the both of you sitting on the cliff of a hill, watching the sun end its daily routine.
Be it this or that, your mind is filled with the life that awaits the both of you.

That day, I was roaming around the net for new songs to add to my playlist.
I came across this song, Fifteen, sung by Taylor Swift.
It talked about a fifteen-year old girl.
She moved to a new town, she went to a new school.
She met a senior boy, who seemed as if he was interested in her.
He was her first love.
He was like the fantasy she always dreamt of.
He brought her out on a date. It was her first date.
He drove a car and she thought she had gone to heaven.
She loved him. But he didn't love her.
She thought he was the one. He thought otherwise.
In the end, he left her.

Sometimes, its pointless holding on to a love which isn't yours to keep.
You've got to find someone who loves you, and whom you can love.
Love works, both ways. Just like the song "fifteen".
I'm glad I found my love.
My boy loves me with all his heart, and I love him with all of my heart too.
If you've found your love, good for you too.
If you haven't, be patient. It'll be here in a jiffy. I promise you.

Everyone wants to be loved, everyone wants to love.
But.. look before you walk. Or you'll fall, and you'll bruise yourself badly.
Neither me nor you wants love to leave a scar upon you, right?
Remember, love has no definitions.
Look for your own definiton, don't look for other people's definiton.
Don't listen to the words of others. Listen to your heart.
It'll bring you on the right path to find your right one.

Best of luck in finding your definition of love, my friend.

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