Coding (Week 3) - one bad egg

Me learning Javascript
Learning Javascript this week, and ironically not grasping any concept at all.

I dislike bad teaching. This is a bitter pill that I can no longer hold in my mouth. It's one of the reasons why I avoided going back to school after I was done with Occupational Therapy – bad teachers can really break a student's morale for learning.
After 2 years of rat-race in JC and 3 years in OT, I had had enough.

To be fair, 99% of the instructors in the coding course are absolutely wonderful. They are brilliant mentors and always ready to share their knowledge. But there is this one bad egg whom I disagree with. I tried very hard to swallow it down and just ignore it over the past few days, but realised I can't because I truly value this course and his bad teaching/bad attitude/snappy sarcastic remarks deters me from value-added learning.

I am an adult learner now, not the kid learner I was a decade ago who had to swallow all the grievances down #justbecause. I am also a paying customer and when I entered the course, we were promised a learning style where questions were welcomed and will be entertained. However the opposite is unfortunately happening now.

Our questions are pushed away, and those who can't understand are left to feel even more stupid than we already felt. I hate dealing with politics and just want to be able to devote myself to learning a new skill that I have been yearning to master for the longest time ever. Anyone who wants to play mind-games should just step-aside. I have no interest in entertaining such bs, and honestly have no time/emotions either.

As how my life motto goes, "life is already as hard as it is, why make it harder?"

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