Le Spa: The Ideal Place To Massage Your Tired Shoulders And Aching Back Without Burning Your Wallet

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Le Spa Oriental Massage
13 Mohamed Sultan Road, River Valley, Singapore 238962

Contact: (+65) 6222 6806
Website: http://lespa.com.sg
Operating hours: Daily, 24 hours

Sitting in front of my laptop for prolonged hours has given me dull aches in my shoulders and a sore at my lower back. There are times when the pain has gotten so bad that I would seek for urgent treatment in the wee hours of the night, and during those times I am so grateful for the existence of 24 hours massage parlours in Singapore.

We have a couple of such massage parlours in Singapore, but the problem is which ones can we trust?

In Singapore, we have the issue of not knowing which massage parlours offer legitimate massage services – without the extra "special service" stuff – and as a result most of us avoid it. We only seek out massages when we travel to our neighbouring country, but hey isn't that so far?

Today I am introducing Le Spa, one of the most reputable spa parlours in Singapore. With 3 outlets that concentrates in the central district of the nation, they offer a series of services that aim to help unwind their stressed-out white collar patrons after a long day at work.

A sitting area to remove your shoes before proceeding to your treatment room

Unlike most other spa parlours, Le Spa's interior decor inspired by oriental designs. You can tell from the presence of the furnishing and wallpaper design. Some might find such design to be relaxing, or you might be like me and find it a tad creepy and intimidating?

Single Treatment Room

Either way, you can rest assure that this massage parlour is clean and do NOT permit sexual activities of any kind within their premises. There is a signage in every one of their treatment rooms which states that.

As such, you office workers can safely seek them out to ease all the kinks and knots in your tight muscles, before heading out to another night of great partying at the nearby pubs and clubs at Clarke Quay! 🙊

Warming up the body with some basic presses

Now onto the massages... The massage that I received was "Le Royal Balinese Massage".

For you massage-virgins out there, here are some tips:
  • You can find your robe in the closet within the room. Remove all your clothing (undergarments included) and change into that.
  • Yes the massage is done naked, or else how do you expect them to do the best job they can in easing all your tight muscles?!
  • No it isn't painful, and you can always let your masseuse know on your preferred level of strength. I'm a noob in pain tolerance so I always go for the lightest strength.

Working on all the tightened muscles around my back and neck

The masseuse at Le Spa has got to be one of the best that I have ever experienced.

I mean this from the bottom of my heart because starting from somewhere here in the treatment, I dozed off unknowingly and was asleep for probably 15-20 minutes? When I awoke, the treatment was nearing to its end.

Concluding the massage with a soothing essential oil rub and head massage

I could feel the mysterious disappearance in the aches in my back, and a lift of the heavy weight on my shoulders. It is one of the best massages that I have had to date.

price list
Price list of available services

Le Spa is currently having an opening promotion of 45 minutes body massage for just $38 only!!! Make your appointment now before it's too late!

As mentioned previously, Le Spa has three outlets throughout Singapore (click here for more info):
  • River Valley (Contact: +65 6222 6806)
  • Club Street (Contact: +65 6222 6803)
  • Upper Bukit Timah (Contact: +65 6222 6805)

Note: This post was sponsored by Le Spa.