Mothercare: Ethan In Spring/Summer Baby Fashion 2018

I loooovvve dressing up my baby boy. I like to see him in colourful little outfits that make him look smart and cheery. I would like to believe that every mom feels the same way — we like seeing our kids dressed up in chic & comfortable apparels that would hopefully not tear a hole in our wallets!

You might find it hard to believe but Mothercare offers some really awesome baby apparels at a reasonable price! In addition, I’ve got a promo code that might just help you to stitch up your wallet too. Read on for more!

Mothercare Pirate Top and Nautical Shorts

I don’t need to say it. BABIES, they grow so damn fast. When Ethan was a month old, he was wearing clothes that were for 3 months old! His dad and I scrambled to get suitable apparels.

Now, that story aside. I are here to share with you about the cutest baby apparels that I got for Ethan from Mothercare!

All Mothercare baby apparels are made with love! How do I know it? Just look at the amount of effort that they’ve placed into the finest details – just to ensure the safety and comfort of our babies.

Mothercare Checkered Shirt Romper

All embroidered apparels by Mothercare have soft backed embroidery to protect our little ones’ skin! In addition, they have toe-safe seams to prevent baby's little toes from being caught in between any loose threads.

Their integrated scratch mittens prevent the little one from scratching his/her delicate skin – you'd be amazed by how sharp their tiny nails can be!

Mothercare Best Kid Ever

Enveloped necklines helps to make donning on and off a top easier when things get messy. The non-slip soles are crucial when your baby begins to toddle around in their little feet, and we would want to give them some friction to help them stay upright.

Now these last two benefits are my favourite! I love getting Ethan clothes with pop-buttons and the ones used on Mothercare apparels are nickel free! Nickel free poppers are important as they won't irritate a baby's delicate skin.

Mothercare Daddy Is My Bestie Romper

I get so irritated when I spend a ton of money buying a SOFT clothing for Ethan, which got rougher and rougher with every wash. So I was super happy to know that the apparels from Mothercare are made with an interlock knit that helps the clothing to stay soft and in shape even after several washes!

All of these apparels that you see in this article, they are my number one choice when I am picking out clothes for Ethan to wear for the day or when he goes out. He wears them on a regular basis and they've been thrown inside the washing machine to be laundered several times – and these clothings have withstood the wearing and washing with its retention in shape and (soft) texture.

Photo 15-3-18, 20 42 34

These photos aren't new, you might have already seen them on my Instagram. For the past two months, I have been assisting Mothercare to push out their then-new Spring/Summer '18 collection. I am sitting here in front of my laptop now, sharing these pictures and promo code with you on this platform because I believe that you ought to know!

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