Ippin Café Bar: Your One Stop Solution For All Japanese-Related Food And Beverage

Ippin Café Bar
18 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #01-01, Singapore 238967

Contact: (+65)6733 4794
Email: ippin.cafebar@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ippin-jpc.com/
Operation hours: Mon-Sat (12pm-3pm, 5pm-11pm)
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay

Ippin Café Bar is the first home-concept Japanese cafe bar in Singapore. It isn't a place for mere passerby(s) but rather a unique spot for those with a serious affection for authentic Japanese food that taste like home.

Every ingredient used to make the dishes have been exclusively imported from Japan by their company, IPPIN PTE LTD, and also can be purchased from their interesting concept store.

Omu-Rice With Chicken Karaage ($18) and Chawan mushi ($5)

Stir-fried Potato & Pork With Garlic Sauce ($8)

Rice Ball With Miso Onion ($5)

Beef With Mushroom Sauce And Potato Salad ($30)

Bread Pudding + Green Tea ($10)

Rating: 3.6/5

My two cents:

Ippin Café Bar is the sort of place that is many things to many people — a hidden hangout, an unassuming lunch/dinner spot, a seat at the sake bar or a dress-down weekend date location.

The place also offers quality sake which you may easily request for from their lovely sake sommelier for a food-friendly and price-friendly premium sake recommendation. The price ranges from $35 to $95 for a bottle of 720ml tasting.

I have tried two of their new sakes which were recently brought in from Maruishi Brewery: "Yuzu Sake" ($34, 500ml) and "Strawberry Sake" ($39, 500ml). Both liquors can be drunk straight, on the rocks, or mixed with soda for a bubbly taste.

The Yuzu Sake has a light Yuzu aftertaste that makes it pleasant to drink, plus it isn't overly-sweet. The Strawberry Sake (or better yet known as "Ichigo Sake") is sweeter in nature and taste more like a strawberry blend with a slight dash of rice wine for its after-taste. I love both and it is honestly hard to choose; both sakes are a definite must-try!

On the perspective of the food served at Ippin Café Bar, I would agree that they are delicious and there is nothing to be picky about. The food combined with the interior design truly makes one feel like they are comfortable and at home.

Out of all the dishes that I have tried, the one dish that struck a chord in me is the Beef With Mushroom Sauce And Potato Salad ($30) as the beef was so tender and juicy, and that topped with their creamy mushroom sauce... it was a home-run for my palate!

I would highly recommend trying that dish together with their Chawanmushi ($5) and Rice Ball With Miso Onion ($5).

Some of the other popular dishes at Ippin Café Bar would be "Grilled Oysters With Veggie Ponzu Sauce" ($20), "Rice Ramen Noodle Set" ($15) and "Cold Udon Noodle Set" ($12).

You can make your reservations at Ippin Café Bar through their Instagram or Facebook page.

All prices stated has already included GST and Service Charge. Free WiFi is also available for their guests to use. Download SUGAR APP for 30%-off to be used at Ippin Café Bar, and get food delivered from them via FoodPanda!

Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Ippin Café Bar.