BAKE CHEESE TART: Where To Have Hokkaido’s Best Cheese Tart In Singapore!

Hokkaido’s no. 1 Cheese Tart is now in Singapore and will be available for purchase starting 29 April 2016.

The story of this global food enterprise began in July 2011 at Kinotoya, Hokkaido. The international franchise has a total of 13 stores worldwide and currently has nine stores in Japan and four stores in the rest of Asia, namely Hong Kong, Seoul and Bangkok. Singapore will be its fifth store outside of Japan.

This famous bakery chain produces 20 million pieces of freshly baked cheese tarts everyday to be sold worldwide and will be setting up their Southeast Asia flagship store in the heart of Singapore at ION Orchard. BAKE CHEESE TART aims to be the brand that comes to mind when Singaporeans hear or talk about Hokkaido desserts.

With a specialisation in only one product — their famous freshly-baked cheese tart — BAKE aims to impress their customers thus their heart and soul is poured into perfecting each of these delectable savoury treats, hence creating the “The Best Cheese Tart Ever”.

As shared by Mr Masataka Kanemaki, Vice President of BAKE Overseas Business:

The cheese mousse used in our famous BAKE CHEESE TART is made using three different types of cream cheese – two from Hokkaido to provide a rich but soft fluffy cheese texture, and the third from France to add a savoury flavour to the exquisite tart.

The pasty undergoes a two-step process which leaves it with a distinct crunchy yet fluffy texture, without it being overly-sweet. The savoury cheese mousse and crunchy pastry is then put together and re-baked a second time to produce the BAKE's unique cheese tart.

The cheese tarts sold in our local BAKE CHEESE TART store will be produced in Hokkaido and are then flown to Singapore where the final step will take place before the tarts are placed out for sales on the racks. The tarts will be freshly baked in the store to complete the entire process of creating aromatic, delectable cheese tarts.

Do note the terms "freshly baked" is used to define that the tarts are made freshly everyday and none is kept overnight to b sold the next day. Also, after baking for the second time, the tarts are required to rest for a couple of minutes so as to allow the cheese to curd and solidify to produce its signature silky smooth texture.

BAKE CHEESE TART’s freshly baked cheese tarts will be available at ION Orchard, #B4-33, 2 Orchard Turn starting 29 April 2016. Prices of the freshly baked cheese tart is set at $3.50 per tart and $19.50 per box of six tarts.

Rating: 4.3/5

My two cents:

These cheese tarts are amazing. I highly suspect that they will be the next craze in food trends as I see BreadTalk rolling out their own rendition of cheese tarts late of last week.

As mentioned earlier, the cheese tarts are made from a mix of three types of cream cheeses thus creating a smooth, rich and savoury cheese filling that you would never get sick of. The crust on the other hand was thick, crispy and buttery... the perfect dough to go with the excellent cream cheese.

It is recommended to consume the cheese tarts within the day that it is bought. Or if not, do keep it in the freezer and toast it for 2-3 minutes and let it rest for a minute before consumption.

The price points of these little snacks might be a bit steep but it is most definitely worth the try. Do get some before insanely long queues start to form in front of its store at ION Orchard.

Mr Kanemaki has shared with me that BAKE intends to open another 2-3 more stores in Singapore later this year. At the moment they are focusing on their energies on their first flagship store in SouthEast Asia and are still in the midst of sourcing locations for the new stores.

Note: The post was kindly sponsored by BAKE and The Influencer Network.