Quick guide to Ao Nang, Krabi

Went to Ao Nang, Krabi around early October last year with my sister, her husband and my little brother. It was a pretty bad period to go because it WOULD NOT STOP RAINING!!!!

It rained from the first day that I was there until the third last day. I failed to enjoy any of the sunny days because I had food poisoning and was too preoccupied with keeping myself afloat from my vomit. (Coconut milk is lethal....)

Anyhow, camwhore on the cab ride to the airport!! Woohoo!

More selfies onboard the airplane!

Where we stayed: Peace Laguna Resort


The rooms were really clean and the pretty! Most importantly, it was CHEAP.

The cost of a standard room was $50/night. So assuming that 2 pax stays in one room, that would be $25/night!! Super value for money la!

The scene that greets you upon walking into the resort.

They have their own lake within the resort, and those huts that you see there are actually accommodations as well. But of course, it is more $$+++ (translation: pricey)

The room that I stayed in was not in one of the huts. As mentioned before, the room that my sister got for us was a standard room, overlooking one of the cliffs in Krabi.

Interior of the room that I stayed in

Not bad huh!!!!!! Big, spacious, clean, relaxing and simplistic with a playful touch of colours!

We had our own balcony, furnished with 2 wooden deck chairs and a small wood table. The balcony was used more for hanging our wet swimsuits and clothing to dry.

I would also sit there first thing every morning when I wake up. I would take in heaps of morning fresh air and gaze at the clear blue sky. It is a wonderful way to wind down and take my mind away from the bustling Singapore city life.

Dinner on the first night

The good thing about being at Krabi is that food is very convenient to get.

My resort was situated in a way that we got the privacy that we wanted and at the same time, it took us a short 5-8 minutes walk to get from our resort to the main street.

At the main street, you can find all the restaurants, clinics, supermarkets, convenience marts, shops, pubs and bars. It is essentially one stretch of road, with all the different businesses lined along the two sides.

SO. MUCH. LIQUOR. *twinkling eyes*

Like what I said, shopping is easy in Krabi. My brother and I lugged a couple bottles of breezers and fruit wine back to our hotel room easily.

Be warned though: As Krabi is a tourist area, there are shops without air-con, looks quite dusty, appears a bit shady... selling purely alcohol. Racks and racks of alcohol. I vaguely remember that the liquor from these shops are priced at a slightly cheaper rate?

I don't know how safe those liquors are, so it would be advisable to purchase your liquor from their convenience marts or big branded supermarkets (not the local self-owned supermarket). Even if the price is a couple bucks more and the walk is a bit longer!!

Only there for 4 nights, but who cares? Just stock up the fridge first!!!

2nd day: Going white water rafting and ATV ride!

Camwhore at the hotel lobby while waiting for our ride.

Pit stop for people who needa PU (abbreviation: pass urine)

And we arrived at our destination - some adventure camp situated amidst an ulu jungle-like place

I know you can't see it from the picture but IT WAS RAINING. And I was so, fucking, cold.

About 20-30 pax were parked at a shelter with no walls, and just a roof above our heads. Yes of course I am glad that I have at least a roof over my head, but it was no joke standing in the shelter shivering hard as the cold wind blew at us, carrying water droplets with it.

Yes I'm a spoilt brat. I do not enjoy shivering in the cold.

Quickly changed into my rash guard and oh god, I can't express my love for my rash guard. Instantaneous warmth.

White water rafting

IMHO, anyone who has never tried this before has got to chuck this on their bucket list! Krabi is a good place to experience this.

I find that the rafters from this adventure camp are experienced and really friendly. They made sure that we all had a bloody good time by opting to go through some of the rough-er waters just so we could experience a few extra good "bumps", while still keeping our safety in mind.

FYI I flew from my seat and landed on the floor of the raft. I don't know how it happened because I was clinging onto the ropes for my dear life with my hands and feet, but it still happened. #fate


First thing that I rushed to get once I arrived back at the shelter. Ahhhh.. something warm in my tummy.

Lunch provided.

We were so hungry after white water rafting. I was so damn glad when they announced that we could start queueing up to get our lunch (it was served buffet style). It was a simple Thai fare, cooked by the people who ran the events. The food was pretty decent and I guess my hunger attributed to it tasting super delicious.

There is one thing about this meal that I can never forget though: See that puny piece of chicken drumstick?

They were trying to ensure that we did not take more than one drumstick, hence that was the only food that we were not allowed to take ourselves. It was served to us, and each person was only entitled to ONE drumstick. The faggot serving the drumsticks... I nicely requested for a bigger piece and guess what, HE GAVE ME THE SMALLEST ONE OF THE LOT.

Selfish prick. I PAID FOR IT!!!!! *grumbles*

Chillax at resort before heading out for dinner

2nd night dinner @
Tanta's pizzeria

Review of this eatery:
  • Pizza is decent.
  • Kisses to the cocktails and mocktails.
  • Steak is average but almost of the same price as in Singapore (was expecting to be cheaper).

Horrible undeserving barramundi fish fillet

Worst fish fillet ever. I have absolutely no idea how they managed to cook the fish till it tasted so horrible.

There was this horrendous fishy smell. My supposedly grilled fish was more like blanched and drizzled over by a tasteless creamy sauce. URGH YUCK URGH!

Orchid from my mocktail and the full moon as seen in Krabi

Religious book on Buddhism found in hotel room

My light bedtime read while I was there. My brother and I thought it was fairly amusing that the book wasn't a bible, as like how you would usually find in most all hotel rooms.

I liked the book so much that I actually bought it and brought it back with me to Singapore LOL. Bro thought I had gone mad when I packed it into my luggage.

Gorgeous morning sky view from my balcony

Preparing to go to Hong island

OOTD shots while waiting for the transport to pick us up

We were worried initially that we might have to cancel our Hong island trip because the tour agency had said that the tour would not be possible if it continued raining. It had been raining for the past few consecutive days and it was predicted to continue raining for another week or so.

So you can imagine my delight when I woke up to clear blue gorgeous-looking sky, happily threw make-up on, wore until nice nice. The weather was perfect..... until 5 minutes after I got onto the speedboat. And then the rain started POURING DOWN HARD. FML

Everyone panicked and rushed to waterproof their electronic devices, and find something to cover their heads/body. I was thoroughly drenched and my nicely drawn make-up was ruined in under 2 minutes, because the rain was that bad and the speedboat was (duh) open-concept.

It was so fucking cold. Brrr....

A touristy shot on the speedboat

Famous snapshot of proof that you have been to Krabi!

Hong island's fine sandy beaches that you will never find in Singapore

Back in hotel room after the tour on the speedboat

Was so tired that I KO-ed for 2-3 hours I think. Went out to have "the dinner of my life" (aka the one that gave me food poisoning)

Was famished so I down-ed this apple yoghurt

Damn nice leh, can find in Singapore anot ah? I don't remember seeing it in our local supermarkets.

Just to be fair to this eatery: There is nothing wrong with their food.

In fact, out of all the three restaurants that I have been to for dinner during my vacation at Krabi, I liked the food at this restaurant the most! Kudos to their friendly service too as they gave wonderful recommendations when we had difficulty deciding what pasta to have!

The only problem that there is would be my lousy stomach. I can't take coconut milk and I ge-kiang, insist on drinking my mushroom soup ladened with coconut milk. -_-

After this travelling experience, I have been cautious to avoid coconut milk which is commonly used in Thai dishes. So during my recent two trips to Bangkok, I needed my guinea pig (ie. hubby) to test out dishes that might potentially have coconut milk. Bloody troublesome, but ok la better than getting another intravenous jab due to food poisoning. :/

Bro awkwardly ordered for "Sex On The Beach".

I erupted into a heap of laughter when the words came out of his mouth, it sounded so damn wrong. Fortunately though the waiters took it cooly. *thumbs-up emoji*

Fresh, young coconut is a must during beach vacations.



Seafood pasta

I know, it looks like our normal stir-fried black noodles from a tze char stall. I stared at it for half a minute too when the waiter placed it before me. But hey, it tasted fucking awesome. Great recommendation from the waiter!!!




An interesting point to note: When having dishes with mushrooms in Thailand, it seems like the mushroom of choice to use is always straw mushroom? I noticed this in both Krabi and Bangkok.

Chicken wings

Due to the colour of the chicken wings, it gave me the idea that it was very well marinated and thus I was expecting it to be incredibly tasty. Unfortunately it was a let down and tasted of average grilled chicken sans marination.

If any marination had indeed been done, I could not taste it. I relied a lot on the chilli sauce to provide taste to the otherwise bland-tasting chicken wings.

Dessert: The banana split that melted super fast

After dinner, we walked around a bit and tried to shop. I came across a graphic tee shirt with this design on it. #BEST #SHIRT #EVER

This is for all the unlucky dudes out there who made the wrong move on the wrong gender. Oopsies to you!

Legit photo of the toilet bowl from Krabi *thumbs up*

When I woke up the next morning, I made a new best friend — the toilet bowl.

I hugged it so tight okay. My super best best BEST friend while I was in Krabi.

Dear toilet bowl,

Thank you for existing and for letting me hug you, as I groaned and moaned, and puked into you for 3 times under an hour.

Thank you so much.


Sister dabao-ed kway teow soup back for me and bought some medicine too.

I could barely stomach any of the food.

I had three mouths of noodles, and another 5 mouths of soup and that was it. I have never been so sick abroad before. What a horrible experience!

After I went to a nearby clinic to get a jab for my food poisoning, I laid in bed to rest for the whole day. It can be said that I slept the last day of my Krabi vacation away :(

Woke up the next morning feeling so much better. I was able to walk to the balcony and catch the distant last rays of the sunrise. It was my last morning in Krabi.

Prepping to get on our chauffeured ride to the airport

Leaving Krabi Airport

Touch down at Singapore Changi Airport